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In conjunction with the live events, an archival gallery exhibition, The Process Is The Romance: The Mabou Mines Archive, will open June 9th.


Mabou Mines will present a 50th Anniversary Celebration of Work, reaching back into the company's brimming five-decade history of innovative theater as a launchpad into the next 50 years (June 23-25; beginning 5pm June 23; 5pm-11 pm June 24; and 12pm-11pm June 25). After a delay due to the pandemic, Mabou Mines now proudly celebrates its 50th Anniversary in person with audiences-convening a dynamic group of performers to participate in readings of nearly 30 works produced by Mabou Mines. Throughout multiple spaces in Mabou Mines' 122CC home (150 1st Avenue), audiences will be able to revisit a panorama of pieces of the company's creative history, through readings, excerpts, installations, concerts. In conjunction with the live events, an archival gallery exhibition, The Process Is The Romance: The Mabou Mines Archive, will open June 9th at the PS122 Gallery in 122CC, curated by Nicholas Martin of NYU Fales Library.

Mabou Mines' legacy of collaboration and play here continues to guide the organization towards the future. Co-founder JoAnne Akalaitis, both performing and directing for the event, says, "Mabou Mines has never had a set aesthetic, and that is really important. It has always been about the collective rather than a single artistic director's vision; when we began, I had never heard of that in theater. This celebration is an opportunity to further embrace that spirit.

Sharon Fogarty says, "Mabou Mines' body of work is such an extraordinary mix of original pieces, adaptations and musical interpretations, installations and more. It was founded as and continues as a collective and as [late co-founder] Ruth Maleczech would say, 'collective collaboration is a messy business and being comfortable with that messiness can lead to unexpected discoveries.' This is a huge undertaking and the celebration is a perfect form for people to get a sense of the ethos of Mabou Mines."

Festivities kick off Thursday, June 23 at 5pm, with a Mabou Mines birthday party in the 122CC courtyard, honoring Paula Cooper Gallery, Gail Papp and the late Joe Papp from The Public Theater, Mia Yoo and the late Ellen Stewart from La MaMa and Suzanne Weill from the Walker Arts Center and Alanna Heiss from The Clocktower Gallery, all organizations and individuals who gave the company vital early support in the 1970's.-as well as Mabou Mines founders JoAnne Akalaitis and Philip Glass, and the memory of founders who are no longer with us: Lee Breuer, Ruth Maleczech, and David Warrilow. The celebration in the courtyard will feature a performance of "Music for Voices," an acapella musical work by Philip Glass.

Among the many works the company will revisit are Samuel Beckett's The Lost Ones, Come and Go, Play (for which Philip Glass first started writing theater music), Company, as well as Lee Breuer's Animations Series ranging from the company's first pieces, The Red Horse Animation and Shaggy Dog Animation to La Divina Caricatura. Original works by JoAnne Akalaitis such as Dead End Kids: A History of Nuclear Power and Dressed Like an Egg and adaptations of classic texts such as Mother, and Mabou Mines DollHouse the film reflect only a portion of the program (see full list below). The celebration also features an installation of Starcock, video gallery, and the US premiere of Mabou Mines DollHouse film as well as an excerpt of Moi-Même filmed in Paris in 1969 with a live score. A schedule is available at as well as below.

With both performers from original casts as well as actors and directors entirely new to the material-and providing fresh interpretations-this celebration of work subverts the auteurist nature of retrospectives by highlighting and expanding on the organization's unwaveringly collective spirit. These participants include Shari Addison, Joanna Adler, NJ Agwuna, JoAnne Akalaitis, Anonymous Ensemble, Ching Valdes-Aran, Elisa Bocanegra, Bill Camp, Mallory Catlett, Kathleen Chalfant, Leroy Clouden, Beverly Crosby, Mark DeChiazza, Rinde Eckert, Sharon Fogarty, Clove Galilee, Herschel Garfein, David Greenspan, Lisa Gutkin, John Hagen, Sabrina Hamilton, Julia Jarcho, Heather Johnson, Bill Irwin, Karen Kandel, Paul Kandel, Jennifer Nikki Kidwell, Mojo Lorwin, Ellen McElduff, Ellen McLaughlin, John Margolis, Sherryl Marshall, Elizabeth Marvel, John McGrath, Susan McKeown, Greg Mehrten, Maude Mitchell, Diane Garisto, Simatra Simone Nana, David Neumann, Dael Orlandersmith, Terry O'Reilly, Katie Pearl, Ralph Peña, Jay Peck, Greg Purnhagen, Jenny Rogers, Chris Royal, Sean Runette, Carl Hancock Rux, George Sanchez, Lincoln Schleifer, Mark Schulman, Black Eyed Susan, Roger Squitero, Bob Telson, Leslie Wagner, Joey Williams and many more!

Schedule of Works, Playwrights, Performer, and Directors

Thursday, June 23, 2022

5:00pm - 6:00pm Mabou Mines Birthday Party

Music for Voices | 1972 | Philip Glass | directed by Mallory Catlett | music directed by Gregory Purnhagen

122CC Courtyard

6:00pm - 7:00pm The Lost Ones | 1975 | Samuel Beckett | with Bill Irwin

Performance Space New York Neilma Sidney Theater

7:00pm - 7:45pm Warrior Ant | 1988 | Lee Breuer | Music by Bob Telson | with Bob Telson, Shari

Addison, Joey Williams, and Diane Garisto, with instrumentalists Leroy Clouden, Roger Squitero, John Hagen, Chris Royal, Lincoln Schleifer, and Mark Schulman (musical excerpts)

Performance Space New York Keith Haring Theater

8:00pm-9:30pm Through the Leaves | 1984 | Franz Zaver Kroetz | directed by JoAnne Akalaitis

| with Bill Camp and Elizabeth Marvel

Mabou Mines Theater

Friday, June 24, 2022

2:00pm-4:00pm Mabou Mines DollHouse - Film | 2008 | Lee Breuer and Maude Mitchell

adapter | introduced by Maude Mitchell

Mabou Mines Theater

5:00pm-5:45pm Play | 1971 | Samuel Beckett | directed by JoAnne Akalaitis | with David

Greenspan Ellen McElduff, and Ellen McLaughlin

Come and Go | 1971 | Samuel Beckett | directed by JoAnne Akalaitis |

with Clove Galilee, Ellen McElduff, and Ellen McLaughlin

Performance Space New York Neilma Sidney Theater

6:00pm-7:00pm B. Beaver Animation | 1974 | Lee Breuer | directed by David Neumann | with

Jennifer Nikki Kidwell (excerpt)

Shaggy Dog Animation| 1978 | Lee Breuer (excerpt)
Mabou Mines Theater

7:00pm-8:00pm La Divina Caricatura | 2013 Lee Breuer | music direction by Lincoln Schleifer |

with Beverly Crosby, Sherryl Marshall, Leslie Wagner, Roy Bennett, and John Margolis, with instrumentalists John Korba, Gary Sieger, Denny McDermott, and Joshua Shneider (musical excerpts)

High Boards Drifter | Film by François Lizé (excerpt)

Performance Space New York Keith Haring Theater

8:00pm-9:00pm Animal Magnetism | 2000 | Terry O'Reilly | directed by Terry O'Reilly | music

by Eve Beglarian | with Clove Galilee and Sean Runnette

Performance Space New York Neilma Sidney Theater

8:00pm-9:30pm Mother | 1994 | Patricia Spears Jones | directed by John McGrath | with

Dael Orlandersmith, Ching Valdes-Aran, and Carl Hancock Rux

Mabou Mines Theater

Saturday June 25, 2022

12:00pm-12:30pm Pretty Boy |1984 | Greg Mehrten | directed by NJ Agwuna

Performance Space New York Neilma Sidney Theater (excerpt)

1:00pm-2:00pm The Red Horse Animation | 1970 | Lee Breuer | with Clove Galilee, David

Neumann, and JoAnne Akalaitis

The Saint and the Football Players | 1973 | Lee Breuer | directed by David


Performance Space New York Keith Haring Theater

2:00pm-3:00pm Pataphysics Penyeach: Porco Morto | 2009 | Lee Breuer | directed by Maude

Mitchell | music by Jay Ansill | with Greg Mehrten

Performance Space New York Neilma Sidney Theater

3:00pm-4:00pm Company | 1983 | Samuel Beckett | directed by Mark DeChiazza | with

Rinde Eckert

Mabou Mines Theater

4:00pm-4:45pm Lucia's Chapters of Coming Forth by Day | 2003 | Sharon Fogarty | directed by

Sharon Fogarty | with Kathleen Chalfant and Paul Kandel

Performance Space New York Neilma Sidney Theater

5:00pm-5:30pm Hajj | 1983 | Lee Breuer | directed by Jenny Rogers and Clove Galilee | with

Clove Galilee

Mabou Mines Theater

5:45pm-6:45pm Dressed Like an Egg | 1977 | JoAnne Akalaitis adapted from Colette | directed

by Katie Pearl (excerpt)

Dead End Kids: A History of Nuclear Power | 1980 | JoAnne Akalaitis |
directed by Katie Pearl (excerpt)

Performance Space New York Neilma Sidney Theater

6:45pm-7:30pm The Bribe | 1993 | Terry O'Reilly | directed by Terrence I. Mosley | music by

John Zorn | withy Black-Eyed Susan and Terry O'Reilly (excerpt)

Wrong Guys | 1981 | Adapted by Ruth Maleczech from text from the novel by Jim Strahs | directed by Julia Jarcho (excerpt)

Mabou Mines Theater

7:00pm-7:30pm SUEÑOS | 1989 | Adapted by Ruth Maleczech from the writings of Sor Juana

Ines de la Cruz, Eduardo Galeano, and Homero Aridjis | directed by george emilio sanchez | music directed by Herschel Garfien | with Heather Johnson and george emilio sanchez

Performance Space New York Keith Haring Theater (musical excerpt)

7:45pm-8:15pm Help Wanted | 1986 | Franz Xaver Kroetz | directed by Ralph Peña

Performance Space New York Neilma Sidney Theater (excerpt)

8:15pm-9:00pm Song for New York: What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting | 2007 |

conceived by Ruth Maleczech | lyrics by Karen Kandel, Migdalia Cruz, Maggie Dubris, Patricia Spears Jones, and Imelda O'Reilly | with Lisa Gutkin, Susan McKeown, Elisa Bocanegra, and Simotra Simone Nana, with instrumentalists Lisa Gutkin and John T. LaBarbera (musical excerpt)

Performance Space New York Keith Haring Theater

9:15pm-11:15pm Moi-Même - Film | 1969/2022 | Lee Breuer and Mojo Lorwin | director of

photography John Rounds | with Kevin Martin, Patrick Matthews, David Warrilow, Ruth Maleczech and Fred Neumann | narrated by Declan Kenneally and Karen Kandel, with instrumentalists Stefan Zeniuk, Kelt Leray, Alex Tiappa Klimovitsky, and Jay Peck (work in process)

Sister Suzie Cinema - Film | 1982 | Lee Breuer & Bob Telson | with Fourteen Karat Soul: David S. Thurmond, Glen (Glenny T) Wright, Russell Fox 2d, Bobby S. Wilson and Reginold (Briz) Brisbon

Mabou Mines Theater


Starcock | 1985 | Apple Vail | an installation directed by Sabrina Hamilton |music by Richard Isen | with Joanna Adler

Media Room: with videos and photos from the company's 50 years of work

Pop-Up performances: Web of Lee's by Anonymous Ensemble and more...

Ticketing Information

All-Access Weekend Pass: $50

Provides access to all events throughout the weekend, on a first come, first served basis

All-Access Day Pass: $20

Provides access to all events on particular day on a first come, first served basis

For any must-see events on their list, customers may want to add a

Guaranteed Seat Reservation: $5/show

(in addition to a Weekend/Day Pass; for same date of performance)


The Process Is The Romance: The Mabou Mines Archive

From the NYU Fales Library Downtown Collection

PS122 Gallery in the 122CC June 9-29, 2022

Free and Open to the Public, Friday-Sunday, 1-6pm

About Mabou Mines

Mabou Mines is a collaborative hub for diverse, intergenerational, avant-garde theater artists. Mabou Mines' creative vision is informed by the ethos of our co-founders: JoAnne Akalaitis, Lee Breuer, Philip Glass, Ruth Maleczech, and David Warrilow. Fifty-two years later, the company remains committed to collaboration and providing a platform for work that interrogates, innovates, and represents a multiplicity of identities and experiences. Today company members include Co-Artistic Directors Mallory Catlett, Sharon Ann Fogarty, Karen Kandel, Carl Hancock Rux; Associate Artists Tei Blow, Perel, David Thomson, Carrie Mae Weems and Senior Artistic Associates JoAnne Akalaitis, Clove Galilee, Philip Glass, Greg Mehrten, Maude Mitchell, David Neumann, Terry O'Reilly and Bill Raymond.

Mabou Mines' home at the 122 Community Center provides the company with a space to create new work and support artists in our Resident Artist Program for emerging artists and in SUITE/Space, a performance program for artists of color.

SUPPORT FOR Mabou Mines is provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, The New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council and Materials for the Arts, The NYC Women's Fund by the City of New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment/The New York Foundation for the Arts, the Axe-Houghton Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Howard Gilman Foundation, The NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund in The New York Community Trust, Emma A. Shaefer Charitable Trust, Shubert Foundation, the Tides Foundation, the W Trust and the JKW Foundation.

PS122 Gallery

PS122 Gallery is a not-for-profit alternative exhibition space in the East Village operating since 1979. It is dedicated to fostering and developing the arts by providing opportunities and support services for emerging and under-recognized artists. It is an ongoing program of Painting Space 122, the grassroots, artist-run cooperative that helped foster the vibrant cultural community at the City of New York-owned 122 Community Center (122CC). PS122 Gallery strives to present the work of artists of all backgrounds in a diverse and equitable context. By acting as a platform, PS122 Gallery also seeks to reengage with its surrounding community, welcome new communities, and create new, audience-driven opportunities for engagement.

The Downtown Collection

The Downtown Collection, which was founded in 1994 at NYU's Fales Library and Special Collections, documents the downtown arts scene that evolved in SoHo and the Lower East Side during the 1970s and through the early 1990s.

During this time, an explosion of artistic creativity radically challenged and changed traditional literature, music, theater, performance, film, activism, dance, photography, video and other art practices.

The Downtown Collection includes the personal papers of artists, filmmakers, writers and performers; archives of art galleries, theater groups and art collectives; and collections relating to AIDS activism, music, and off-off Broadway theater. The Collection also includes a significant amount of printed, published materials either by or related to people associated with the scene and the events of the period, and its effect on wider social and cultural movements.

Mabou Mines Archive

The Mabou Mines Archive contains a diverse array of materials that comprehensively document the first 40 years of Mabou Mines. The collection includes materials that document the innovative methods used by Mabou Mines to create unique theatrical adaptations from existing, often classical texts.

The collection contains a wealth of production materials that document all aspects of theatrical production. It includes invaluable administrative records that reflect how the organization sustained, promoted, and financially supported its mission. Also included are scripts, programs, photographic documentation, production books and touring files, and extensive video documentation of most productions. The Mabou Mines Archive contains, in total, more than 300 linear feet of material.

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