Horse Trade Theater Group Presents the 2010 New York FRIGID Festival

The New York FRIGID Festival is an open and uncensored theater festival presented by Horse Trade Theater Group in association with San Francisco's Exit Theatre. Riding the fringe of winter, the hit celebration of independent theater will run February 24-March 7, 2010 at The Kraine Theater, The Red Room, and UNDER St. MarkS. Boasting over 150 performances and 30 shows over 12 days in 3 theater's, FRIGID New York will kick off the annual North American Fringe Circuit with a bang!

The FRIGID New York Festival was founded by Horse Trade and EXIT Theatre in 2007. Since founding The San Francisco Fringe Festival - the 2nd oldest fringe in the United States - nearly 17 years ago, EXIT has learned a thing or two about festival running. They introduced Horse Trade to the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) in mid-2006. Besides feedback from dozens of thrilled CAFF participants and artists, Horse Trade was drawn to its main principle: " provide all artists, emerging and established, with the opportunity to produce their play no matter the content, form or style and to make the event as affordable and accessible as possible for the members of the community," Horse Trade is proud to sign on to the tradition and chill out the New York independent theater scene's ideas of what a theatre festival can be. In true support of theatre on the fringe of the mainstream, the artists take home 100% of their box office, and the festival producers do not receive royalties from future performances. The festival's producers are proud to support self-producing artists' growth and future success. New York City is an indisputable hotbed of groundbreaking talent and we're proud to once again invite artists to take advantage of this opportunity to let their ingenuity thrive in a venue that values freedom of expression and artistic determination.

FRIGID 2010 will run February 24-March 7, 2010 at The Kraine Theater & The Red Room (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery) and UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Ave and Ave A) Tickets to all shows ($7-16) may be purchased online at or by calling Smarttix at 212-868-4444.

¼ Life Crisis
Alison Lynne Ward Kelowna, B.C.
A naturalistic, comedic drama about a relationship. Girl meets Boy. This dialogue-driven play explores the universal, honest moments in which anyone who has fallen in love (or lust) can find a piece of themselves.

2-Man No-Show
ZeekTech Productions Toronto, Ontario
Combining percussion, character/sketch comedy, physical theatre, and high octane performance art, 2-Man No-Show explores the themes of the Underdog and the Reluctant Hero.

Another Classic of Western Literature
Heartland Actors' Repertory Theatre Indianapolis, Indiana
A dark comedy about the sons & fathers and gods & monsters of the financial crisis.

Aristophanes' The Bohemians
Second Best Bed Productions New York, NY
Mediocrates is trying to make it in the East Village as an artist until his father, Hippocrates comes to put a stop to it. The recently unearthed work by Aristophanes, translated into English and presented here for the first time.

Aurelia and Imago
Brianna Stark Vancouver, BC
A 40 minute solo performed and choreographed by Brianna Stark, accompanied by video projection.
Aurelia and Imago travels through a projection of images from the cellular to the universal level exploring the relationship of essence to matter, and of the microcosm to the macrocosm, highlighting the significance of the individual within that equation.

Bonne Nuit Poo Poo
Theatre Reverb Brooklyn, NY
Max, Maxi and the Operator hunt for a living seed in this action-packed hybrid of performance, video and spectacle inspired by the Mad Max trilogy and erotic science fiction, featuring live video stream, text, movement, dance, and stream-of-consciousness comedy.

F*CK! The Show
Kelly Dwyer Brooklyn, NY
A multi-media autobiography which takes the audience behind the music and details the life and career of Fuck, the greatest rock star to never live.

Mark Shyzer Toronto, Ontario
Shockingly funny and equally moving, Fishbowl slyly reveals the connections between five wildly different (and outrageously hilarious) characters, all played by newcomer Mark Shyzer. Originally developed through the Buddies in Bad Times Young Creators Unit in Toronto, Fishbowl premiered to great acclaim in April 2009 as part of Buddies' season.

Floundering About (in an age of terror)
David Lawson Annadale, VA
A coming-of-age story about growing up in a paranoia-filled, post-9/11 D.C. orange alert world where only duct tape and oxygen masks can stop the evildoers.

Four Quarters
Agony Productions Brooklyn, NY
Playing with yourself has never been so good! A play in which two adults discover a love for their inner selves while searching for their other halves. Two adults. Four Quarters. Come with us--and you will be whole.

Brad Raimondo New York, NY
A re-imagining of the story of Sir Gawain & the Green Knight set during the American Civil War. Gavin, a wounded soldier awakes in a chapel in the woods, finding himself a central piece in an ancient & deadly game marking the turn of the seasons.

ALena Smith Brooklyn, NY
In the basement of a suburban house hides a man and his incredible collection of figurines. He is fervently hoping to discover their secret - what he calls "the ultimate arrangement" - before his hideout is invaded, and his own dark secret is revealed.

LATE NIGHTS WITH THE BOYS: confessions of a leather bar chanteuse
The Lopsided Company, Inc. Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
Poignant and hilarious stories of a straight woman's (the chanteuse) love for her gay friends in 1977 Dallas and the magical life they lived before AIDS, juxtaposed to the now older woman's new friendship with a gay writer in NYC helping her with her memoirs... fresh, sexy, fabulous, the Truth.

Legs and All
Summer Shapiro & Peter Musante Brooklyn, NY
A physical exploration of limits, both real and imagined. With 2 actors, one box and chocolate cake, this magical look at the mundane peaks at human loneliness, and roots in physical comedy. In a world looking similar to ours two people stumble into the extraordinary.

Let That Sh*t Go
Live Blaggard Brooklyn, NY
Sometimes you gotta let that sh*t go. The lost wallet. The departing train. Your belly. Your pride. A lover. A parent. A childhood dream. Another year. In this explosive cabaret event, Live Blaggard--a motley crew of theater artists--celebrates the things we've left behind, and the things we just can't shake.

Mechanically Separated Meat
International BTC Stirling, NJ
A man's refusal to respect his talking Toaster launches an entire community into a debate of ownership, civil rights, and Robot Uprisings.

No.11 Productions Long Island City, NY
A beautiful retelling of Euripides' ancient Greek classic of betrayal, revenge, sorcery and murder. Charcoal animation and original music provide the backdrop for this surprising production that breaks expectations about the Medea you thought you knew.

My Life of Crime
Stephanie Stephenson Pasadena, CA
"Why did you steal the gum?" A young girl's crime at eight years old sets her on a lifelong path of trying to 'be good' while navigating her mother's tumultuous phases--the Boyfriend Era, The Born Again Years and The Onslaught of the Husbands.

No Traveler
(a) muse Collective New York, NY
One woman's darkly funny journey through this meaningless and absurd world and life's most pivotal moments of desperation.

Nobody's Token
Nobody's Token New York, NY
What would happen if "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" moved to "South Park"; or if the Cosby's lived next door to "The Family Guy?" Nobody's Token features an all African-American cast of talented improv actors reinventing sitcoms and live improv. Something new is happening to America's oldest TV formats.

Onomatopoiea Productions Brooklyn, NY
Onomatopoeia! presents clowning and juggling in a brand new light. Three characters present a collection of short scenes which explore a single idea through physical theater and object manipulation. As the title suggests the only spoken words in the piece will be Onomatopoeias!

Fancy Molasses Winnipeg, Manitoba
Small town librarian Esther never thought she would become a porn star. That was before she found out her ex-boyfriend secretly videotaped her having sex and sold the tape for money. Hilarious and raunchy, don't miss this sell out show by off-Broadway playwright Chris Craddock.

Secret Weapon Theatre New York, NY
Two troubled teenagers on the run take refuge in an abandoned cabin on a rainy night. Sparks fly when they face the deal that was made to gain their freedom.

Ramblings of a Gentleman Scumbag
(a) muse Collective New York, NY
Lucky Chengs Balloon man, delusional comic, and man of no God tries to justify 34 years of poor life choices and degeneracy.

Roll With It
Maggie Nuttall New York, NY
Take a ride on the absurd side of wild and enter the world of Maggie Nuttall as she takes you through true stories of calamity and random acts of violence with the humor and dexterity of a wide eyed child.

sh+sh=gold Brooklyn, NY
A solo show about immigration and magic -created by the team who brought you the 2009 NY Fringe Festival hit Art's Heart.

The Bike Trip
Martin Dockery Brooklyn, NY
1943: a Swiss pharmacologist inadvertently conducts the first LSD experiment as he rides his bicycle home. 65 years later, in a simultaneously hilarious and harrowing attempt to understand why acid so enthralls and terrifies, I try to tap into that very first acid trip by traveling to Switzerland and (amongst other things) renting a bike.

T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!KIMLEIGH Los Angeles, California
In this powerful one hour theater piece you will witness Kimleigh as a young cheerleader transform into a woman who embraces her inner superhero as she reclaims her sexuality and lives as a whole, healthy woman! Her journey will leave you cheering for more!
LaGoDi Productions and the Shark Tank Players Washington , DC
Set at the Chicago World's exhibition, a women cross dresses in the clothes of a man she has killed and learns the art of fencing which had recently been introduced in the United States. A relationship based on mistaken identity turns out to be true love.

Vodka Shoes
Leslie Goshko Brooklyn, NY
Rather than abuse her, Leslie's alcoholic father would buy shoes, demonstrate the lawnmower's top speed, and use the neighbor's bills for kindling, while her mother ran a bookstore destined for bankruptcy and prayed for Leslie's ailing sister. Leslie's storytelling navigates a humorously tragic journey through childhood with frighteningly endearing characters.

Horse Trade Theater Group is a self-sustaining theater development group; with a focus on new work, it has produced a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater. Horse Trade's Resident Artist Program offers a home to a select group of Independent Theater artists, pooling together a great deal of talent and energy. It is also the home of FRIGID New York - the first and only festival of its kind in New York City.

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