WHO WAS THAT LADY I SAW YOU WITH? - Rover Dramawerks Non Equity Auditions

Posted: May 13, 2014
Audition Location: Plano, TX

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Who Was That Lady I Saw You With?

by Norman Krasna

directed by Carol M. Rice



Saturday, May 31 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 1 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Appointments are required.  For an appointment time, please emailaudition14@roverdramawerks.com.

Auditions will be at Rover Dramawerks’ NEW theatre venue located at 221 W. Parker Road, Suite 580 in Plano, at the northwest corner of 75 and Parker Rd. in the Ruisseau Village Shopping Center.

Brief Synopsis:

What do you do if you’re caught kissing another woman? Why, tell your wife you’re an FBI agent and it was all in the line of duty! Of course, you may end up with real spies and FBI agents chasing you. (farce)

Roles (3-4 women, 8 men):

David Williams - late 20s to mid 30s: An assistant professor of advanced chemistry at Columbia University. Likeable, a loyal friend, loves his wife.


Mike Hanby - late 20s to mid-30s: A TV writer at CBS and David’s best friend. Charming, inventive, a ladies’ man.


Schultz - any age: CBS prop guy. (will also play Orlov)


Ann Williams - 20s to early 30s: David’s wife. Adorable, jealous, overly impulsive and excitable.


Robert Doyle - 40s to 60s: Tough and competent. Been with the FBI a long time.


Harry Powell - 40s to 60s: Lifetime FBI and has a stomach ulcer to prove it. Nice guy.


Miss Evans - any age: FBI secretary. (MAY double one of the Coogle sisters)


Lee Wong - Chinese, any age: owner of a popular Chinese restaurant.


Gloria and Florence Coogle - 20s to 30s: A pair of singing sisters with great legs and suspicious minds. (one of them MAY double Miss Evans)


Joe Bendix - any age: a reporter. (will also play Belka)


Mr. Parker - 40s to 60s: CIA.


Orlov - any age: a foreign agent. (will also play Schultz)


Belka - any age: a Russian spy. (will also play Bendix)


All roles are available.

Other information:

- Email audition14@roverdramawerks.com for an appointment time, and access to a script will be made available to you.

- Please prepare a one-minute, memorized comic monologue.

- Be prepared to read from the script. Please be familiar with the script when you come to audition.

- Please bring a resume and head shot.

- Actors and technicians will receive stipends.

- Rehearsals will be in Plano and will begin on or around June 23.

- Please visit the website at www.roverdramawerks.com or call (972) 849-0358 for more information.  

Who Was That Lady I Saw You With? will run July 31 - August 23, 2014 at Rover Dramawerks’ new theatre in Plano - 221 W. Parker Rd., Suite 580, Plano 75023.

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