The Company Theatre Group's SAVAGE IN LIMBO to Open 6/2


The Company Theatre Group, Inc. is happy to present SAVAGE IN LIMBO - a play by John Patrick Shanley, the Oscar winning writer of Moonstruck who has also received the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony for the play Doubt.

SAVAGE IN LIMBO is a touching and edgy comedy about three losers who try to figure out how to change their mostly empty lives, even as circumstances - and each other - conspire to keep them exactly where they are.

The setting is a rundown neighborhood bar in the Bronx, operated this Monday nite by Murk – a somewhat lonely and very mixed up mixologist. His sometimes girlfriend - at least when she is conscious - April, is seated at the bar, in her usual seat drinking away. Soon, Denise Savage arrives - a perennial loner who wants out of her unbearable life. Pacing like a tiger in a ring and straining against her chains, she is soon joined by an old school friend, Linda Rotunda, whose problem is that her current boyfriend, Tony Aronica, is losing interest in her. And, when the macho Tony comes bursting in shortly thereafter, he confirms her fears. Soon, a tug of war ensues for his attention and all hell breaks loose.

Larissa Lamont: Denise
Mandy Evans: April
RJ Lucci: Anthony
Andrea Prendamano: Linda
David Russo: Murk

Joe Curran: Production
Kathi Nubile: House
Lou Scarpati: Director
Phil Sosinsky: Production

The Company was founded in the summer of 2007, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Group Theatre. Like The Group Theatre, The Company believes in creating authentic human behavior on stage – “Life in Fiction” we like to call it. Our goal is create an environment and an experience where each audience member can feel like a fly on the wall, watching the lives of real people unfold and sometimes unravel right before their eyes. We also work hard to give thought provoking entertainment to everyone who comes to our productions. In May of 2008, The Company produced its first show, Chapter Two, at the Hackensack Cultural Arts Center. In January of 2009, The Company became The Company Theatre Group, Inc. In July of 2009, The Company became a 501c3, non-profit organization. And, in Jan 2012, we began celebrating the beginning of our 4th year of operation.


Opens: Jun 2nd 2012,

Theatre: Hackensack Cultural Arts Center, 39 Broadway, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Running time: 80 minutes, there is no intermission

Schedule: 4 shows only, Jun 2nd , 3rd , 9th ,10th, Saturday at 7:30PM and Sunday at 3:30PM.

Audience: May be inappropriate for ages 13 and younger. Children under 4 are not permitted into the theatre.

Ticket prices: $18 at the door.

Tickets online:

Tickets by E-mail:

For more information, please visit The Company Theatre Group’s website at:  and facebook page:

The Hackensack Cultural Arts Center, owned and managed by the Hackensack Recreation and Cultural Department, hosts a variety of artistic events, including theatrical productions, poetry readings, art galas and historical reenactments. The Cultural Arts Center also produces its own programming, including comedy nights and an annual children’s show in December.

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