THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE To Open South Camden Theatre's 18th Season

The cast is set and rehearsals have begun. And, the crew is hard at work gathering all the necessary sparkly dresses, Elvis costumes, and rollers skates. 

By: Jan. 12, 2023
THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE To Open South Camden Theatre's 18th Season

South Camden Theatre Company has announced the opening of their 2023 theatre season with a wacky, wonderful comedy, "The Legend of Georgia McBride," that has a clear, heartwarming message about acceptance, social struggles and self-awareness.

The cast is set and rehearsals have begun. And, the crew is hard at work gathering all the necessary sparkly dresses, Elvis costumes, and rollers skates. "The Legend of Georgia McBride," is a stitch-in-your-side comedy by Matthew Lopéz.

In this show, our hero, is a young Elvis impersonator working in a seedy Florida bar. His name is Casey and he is played by Philadelphia Equity Actor Ken Sandberg. Although he is working he's barely eking out a living as Elvis when suddenly he finds an unlikely path to prosperity. The bar owner, Eddie, played by Craig McClaren (most recently on stage in "The Brothers Size" at SCTC), decides to update his entertainment from Elvis to a troupe of drag queens. SCTC's show will feature actors/drag performers Donl Allen as Ms. Tracy Mills and Bastion Carboni as Rexy. Things really take a turn for Casey when Rexy can't perform, so Casey, with the necessary equipment already in his proverbial toolbox, is thrown into a dress to perform in her place. Casey isn't too keen on this, given that his wife (played by Shawneka Ponder, last seen in "Daphne's Dive" here at SCTC) doesn't know he's still performing and thinks he's a bartender.

The "Legend of Georgia McBride" is full of sass and good spirits along with a bit of sentimentality - it's a show not to be missed. The show is being directed by Equity Actor and director, Damien J. Wallace who has been working with South Camden for more than 12 years. He has also appeared in many of our most successful productions. He states, "Telling stories like this on SCTC's intimate stage is extremely rewarding and liberating. The commitment of these talented actors will make this production a joy. And, working with the SCTC family has been a long mutually respected and appreciated relationship. I'm forever grateful for the trust this company has given to me."

Matthew Lopéz, playwright, has a remarkable talent and range. He is also the author of the Civil War-era drama "The Whipping Man" and "Reverberation," a contemporary play about a grieving young gay man.

Dawn Varava, artistic director of South Camden Theatre, realized as she was choosing plays for this new season, that all the plays' protagonists have one outstanding common quality. Each of them is unafraid to live their own truth - bravely and without apology. "This first show speaks directly to this theme. Although the story of each of the works is wildly different from the others, this one theme of distinct uniqueness stands out brilliantly.

From the proud drag queens of "The Legend of Georgia McBride" to the quirkiness of "Lettice and Lovage"; from the selfless strength of the small town librarian in "Alabama Story" to our autistic and very clever hero, Christopher, in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time," all promise an impactful and unforgettable journey for our audience."

"The Legend of Georgia McBride" opens the season on February 10, 2023. Tickets are available now. If you haven't visited South Camden Theatre Company, you'll want to mark your calendar and plan to attend. This theatre is a true gem in the Waterfront South section of Camden. It is the first free-standing theatre built in Camden in more than 100 years. The Waterfront South Theatre is just down Ferry Avenue past the intersection at Broadway. Don't worry about coming to Camden, it is not what you are thinking it is. Camden and The Waterfront South neighborhood, is safe and clean and getting better every day. In fact, Waterfront South is quickly becoming Camden's arts district. An art gallery, a museum, a writers house and more are all here along with the theatre.

Learn more about each show on our website at Be sure to sign up for our email notifications and receive information on special pricing, new events, and more. Tickets are available now. General admission is $20. There is a Camden Resident ticket available for $5 thanks to a grant from Holman Enterprises.