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Out of the Box Theatrics and Weathervane Theatre Collaborate on Original Holiday Play A NEW YORK HOLIDAY MINUTE


This 90-minute original holiday anthology will livestream December 14 - 18 and December 20 at 5:30 and 7:30 PM ET.

Out of the Box Theatrics and Weathervane Theatre Collaborate on Original Holiday Play A NEW YORK HOLIDAY MINUTE

Weathervane Theatre and Out of the Box Theatrics have announced the virtual co-production of A NEW YORK HOLIDAY MINUTE. This 90-minute original holiday anthology will livestream December 14 - 18 and December 20 at 5:30 and 7:30 PM ET.

In a series of six short plays commissioned by Out of Box Theatrics, New Yorkers of all walks of life navigate their way through the highs and lows of living in the city during the holidays. From cynical Christmas elves to awkward family gatherings to heartwarming holiday magic, New York City during the holidays offers a fresh start unlike anywhere else. Representing BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, featured playwrights include Anthony Anello, Harron Atkins, Elise Forier Edie, Lauren Jennings, Kevin Renn, and Marcus Scott.

The idea behind the piece came to OOTB Producing Artistic Director Liz Flemming as a response to COVID-19.

"There's something magical about NYC during the holidays," said Flemming. "There's a stillness and the hope of a fresh start that I've never encountered anywhere else in the world. In what has been a crazy year I want audiences to feel rejuvenated after viewing our production."

For this project Flemming enlisted six playwrights from very different backgrounds, but all share the common ground of promoting equality in the theatrical community with their writing.

Flemming continues, "There is no one size fits all answer for any situation. For this project I wanted a variety of perspectives on the universal experience of the holidays. I am so thrilled to collaborate with Anthony, Harron, Elise, Lauren, Kevin, and Marcus on this project as well as Ethan and everyone at Weathervane."

A NEW YORK HOLIDAY MINUTE was filmed at Weathervane Theatre in mid-October at the conclusion of Weathervane's 55th season. All involved parties quarantined and followed local, state, federal, and AEA COVID-19 protocol for the duration of this project. The piece is edited by DimlyWit Productions.

Additional creative team: Rien Schlecht (Production Management/Costume Design), Michaela Pietrinferno (Sound Design), Kay Cates (Properties Design), Scout Hough (Lighting Design), Meghan Pearson (Video Direction), Lew Whitener (Photography) and Egypt Dixon (Production Stage Manager). Production Staff: Briana Abbot and Kelly Bernard (Carpentry), Rojo Pandero (Scenic Charge), Hillary Jeffers (Costume First Hand) and Marisa Kirby (Assistant Stage Manager).

A NEW YORK HOLIDAY MINUTE is directed by Jorge Donoso, Liz Flemming, Ira Kramer, and Ethan Paulini. The cast features Jorge Donoso, Liz Flemming, Robert H. Fowler, Carrie Greenberg, Marisa Kirby, Grace Livingston Kramer, and Jewell Noel.

Livestream and On Demand tickets for A NEW YORK HOLIDAY MINUTE are currently on sale at and at Tickets range $24-$34. Tickets can also be ordered via phone at 603-837-9322.


Santa is a Super-Spreader

By Anthony Anello

Directed by Liz Flemming

The morning after Christmas Colbie awakes to discover her husband has uncharacteristically taken down the family Christmas tree. What starts as a question of Christmas cheer turns into a relationship unraveling as secrets are shared and values revealed. Cast: Jorge Donoso and Jewell Noel.

Spell 13

By Harron Atkins

Directed by Ethan Paulini

Tasked to help two young people find love, a cynical Papa Elf and his novice daughter orchestrate a chance encounter for two single romantics on a NYC subway train. Things quickly turn hectic and a little too truthful as the elves try a number of spells to get their targets to fall in love in under 10 minutes. Love is in the air, but in unexpected places. Cast: Jorge Donoso, Robert H. Fowler, Carrie Greenberg, Grace Livingston Kramer, Jewell Noel.

The Lights at Christmas

By Elise Forier Edie

Directed by Ira Kramer

Despondent over her family's political views, a college professor decides to celebrate the holidays solo. She enlists the help of a NYC firefighter who not only assists with her outdoor light display, but also restores her Christmas spirit. From the playwright of the acclaimed THE PINK UNICORN. Cast: Liz Flemming and Robert H. Fowler.

From Santa

By Lauren Jennings

Directed by Ethan Paulini

All Jordan and Kate want is to expand their family. When an adoption falls through Kate loses her wonderment with Christmas. Ever the optimist, Jordan is determined to provide her wife Christmas joy and just maybe a Christmas miracle. Cast: Marisa Kirby and Grace Livingston Kramer.

The Best Worst Holiday Window at Burgdof Goofmans

By Kevin Renn
Directed by Ethan Paulini

Lennon and Reid are tasked with creating the holiday window display at Fifth Avenue's fancy big box store Burgdof Goofmans. When the key to the decorations is lost hilarity ensues as the two employees must rely on NY grit and ingenuity to create holiday magic. Cast: Liz Flemming and Jewell Noel.

The Kwanzaa Party

By Marcus Scott
Directed by Jorge Donoso

When Donatello brings his long-term boyfriend Jamal to his family's New England estate to ring in the holidays, he's unprepared when his over eager sister and her woke friends decide to honor his beau with an impromptu celebratory Kwanzaa celebration. A farcical and satirical exploration of liberal elitism, appropriation, interracial romance, queer relationships and, of course, Kwanzaa. Cast: Jorge Donoso, Robert H. Fowler, Marisa Kirby, Grace Livingston Kramer, Jewell Noel.

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