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Renegade Theatre Company Presents WILD + FREE: A LOST BOY MUSICAL

Wild + Free: A Lost Boy Musical will be streamed On Demand starting Saturday, February 13th.

Renegade Theatre Company Presents WILD + FREE: A LOST BOY MUSICAL

The "new-kids-on-the-block" are hitting us with their first official Mainstage production and it is a Movie Musical! Renegade Theatre Company, a new youth theatre company located in Lauderhill, FL is redefining arts education and artistic innovation with the youth of South Florida!

Inspired by Peter Pan, "Wild + Free: A Lost Boy Musical" is the brain child and original concept of Executive Artistic Director, Darius J. Manuel. This original and fresh contemporary take on the story of Peter infuses a Rap, Pop and R&B score to explore what it means today for a teen to choose to "not grow up" and how choices effect the people and world around them.

"In trying to develop innovative ways to launch this company in the midst of a global pandemic, I realized that this time has demanded a total revamp of our existence. Our "new normal" can't and shouldn't be fueled by the way we used to operate. At all. I believe this is true around our relationships, businesses, economic systems, social engagements and especially education. So, giving that there is no going back. We must acknowledge that the opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation. And what we create must be made out of a completely different fabric than what existed before."

Executive Artistic Director, Darius J. Manuel founded Renegade Theatre Company, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in 2020 in the midst of one of the most difficult global pandemics and human rights revolutions in modern history. It was created to deliberately interrupt the racial status quo by giving voice to artists of color and reflecting a world where color is the norm and not some superficial goal. Renegade Theatre Company is a well-rounded theatre company and educational conservatory.

"In stepping into this one..." Manuel says, " first thought was, 'well, I need an iconic team if this thing is going to happen like it does in my head!" Manuel would take lead on the project as the Executive Producer, Director, Choreographer and Lyrist. He first added Maya Burton, Renegade Theatre Company's Director of Education & Outreach, to take lead on the book.

Soon after, Andre Russell joined the team and not only built the music to accompany Darius J. Manuel's lyrics and melodies, but took lead on videography as the Director of Photography for the film! "I really think Andre and I were a collaborative effort sent from the heavens. We spent some early mornings and late nights building an entire score to an original piece in less than 6 months. Which would take most teams at least 2 years! And the songs are HITS! He'd come in with a beat, I'd hum something, and we'd build something beautiful. That's how it's been."

Renegade Theatre Company is built to revitalize the voice of the underdog by challenging the racial status quo, on-stage (screen) and off! And the way that this film is cast is nothing short of that. Peter Pan is of Brazilian decent, Tinkerbell is Hispanic, Hook and Wendy are both Black. "Diversity and inclusion are our main principals. My official full-time Renegade team consists of myself and 2 other Black women. 80% of my Board of Directors are Black while the others are very vocal allies and even most of the Guest Artists I bring in are Black and Brown. Many places and spaces aren't built for us or these students that we serve. I even came up at a children's theatre, not to far from our location, that showed me time and time again that my story, my words, my art, my voice did not matter. THAT is why Renegade exists."

We have seen many communities, companies and organizations planning and committing to "doing the work" around racial equity, yet Renegade Theatre Company has gone beyond a commitment, they have diversity and equity at their foundation! "I can't sit here, we can't sit here and allow the black or brown students of our community to feel as if they are unworthy of an education or as many artistic opportunities as their white peers. You can't be what you can't see. We are giving the kids who look like us confirmation that there is room for them and their dreams. We have Black students, White students, Hispanic students who are all learning and growing with and because of each other in meaningful and progressive ways. We foster conversations about the state of our nation and how we can take that art and make the world a better place. Together." says Manuel.

And with that, they offer to the world "Wild + Free: A Lost Boy Musical". Catch the extremely diverse cast on the big screen at AMC Sunrise 8 on Saturday February, 13th! Or stream it from the comfort of your own home where tickets range from $12 to $15. Fly with Peter on a new adventure where Faith & Trust and Pixie Dust begin to rust and growing up becomes a must!

Tickets can be found at and streamed On Demand starting Saturday, February 13th. Get your tickets now and support these talented students of Renegade Theatre Company. Maybe even consider a tax-deductible donation so that they can continue growing and build a melting pot of artistic ideals, innovation and creation with their students at the foundation by visiting them at

To the Revolution!

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