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Young Actors Launch House — Post Covid Kick-off?

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this exciting, rare opportunity to kickstart your dreams through The Actors Launch House.

Young Actors Launch House — Post Covid Kick-off?

By: Lindsey India

Did the pandemic put a damper on your film acting career plans? The Actor's Launch House in Los Angeles is here to help you pick up right where you left off.... but under one roof and with more motivation than ever!

COVID-19 shutdown life as we knew it, as well as a lot of the dreams of talented actors too.

While the old "normal" may not even exist anymore, actors and crew are swiftly adjusting, allowing for opportunities to start flooding in. With rising vaccinations rates and a decrease in the United States' overall infections, the film industry is roaring back to life, especially on the West Coast. As auditions return to in-person, and the industry, bolstered by unprecedented streaming rates and an influx of stars from new platforms like TikTok, the path to Hollywood is just as confusing and competitive as it has always been for aspiring young talent.

Many passionate young actors are left with a slew of questions: How can I break into the Los Angeles film industry 2021? Without the luxury of easily controllable recorded auditions or carefully curated Zoom backgrounds, how can I get ahead in my career and get my foot in the door of an ever-changing industry? By moving into The Actors Launch house for a few months, you can take control of your future and fully dedicate yourself to a successful career in the industry.

Imagine living with other aspiring young actors in a community of like-minded, fueled performers who are reeling as they accustom to the post-effects of the pandemic. The Actors Launch House, a program under Young Actors Camp in Los Angeles, has built a setting where actors, ages 15 to 23, can acquire skills, knowledge and inspiration to pursue their dream acting career. Through a four, six or eight-week stay in Los Angeles, consultants and coaches rally around each actor on their journey for success.

"There's no more guessing on what to do to pursue my film acting career," explained Abby Heniger, a 17-year-old actress from Buffalo, NY who attended the program recently. "Working under the Actors Launch House, it was all laid out for me, and I am now on my path to being a working film actress."

It's clear that the film industry has been forever impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, but with new training programs and hungry, eager talent ready to get off the bench, the next generation is ready to take on the challenge of rebuilding. Don't miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this exciting, rare opportunity to kickstart your dreams through The Actors Launch House.

Learn more by visiting the Young Actors Camp website:

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