The Realm Company Presents SYNERGETIC at The Stomping Ground This Week

There is one night only on April 15.

By: Apr. 11, 2023
Chasen Greenwood (center) collaborates with Nancy
Chasen Greenwood collaborates with Nancy Paradis and Marco Palomino. Photo: Tatiana Wills




The Realm Company, founded by bicoastal dancer, choreographer, singer, and actor , presents "Synergetic, at Stomping Ground LA, for a one night only event on April 15th with original music, DJ, champagne, and an evening of performances by multiple choreographers.

Greenwood is collaborating with international choreographer Marco Palomino and Los Angeles choreographer Nancy Paradis of LA Dance Moves. This is the fifth project Greenwood has produced with all original music with Taylor Briggs (Berklee School of Music and son of the renowned Tim Briggs).

Greenwood says his vision behind the inception of Realm was to always collaborate with other artists, dancers, musicians, and choreographers. "I like to create a space not only safe for me artistically but also for others. I believe in collaboration. I believe in helping others. I have had so many people support me, from far away to right next to me. Meeting so many new people along the way. Thank you (Paradis and Palomino) for coming along on this journey with me."


With the goal of creating a multi sensory, immersive experience, Greenwood also brought on electronic dance music DJ Spencer Huff (2020 Utopia festival and US residencies at X Bar Denver, DS Tequila Company, Chicago, and with NYC/Miami nightlife promoter Jake Resnicow) for this experiential project. A recent Instagram post asked guests if they "can't stand to come to the ballet?" - that they might still enjoy a Realm production just for the DJ and being "greeted with champagne."

Greenwood says that working with Briggs makes him want to make more art. He describes giving Briggs a seed idea of what he wants to make in dance form - and then Briggs "grows it with musical answers. With the amazing dancers, I then make movements and find more musical direction and shape for the work, and then Taylor gives me the sounds for it. We keep making it better until it's done."

Launched in August 2022, Realm has been consistently pumping out a new project every other month, each with Greenwood's original choreography based on his imaginative interpretation of what he feels truly matters "in the now" of the cultural zeitgeist.

Greenwood has shared his creative process for his new works debuting in "Synergetic" on Instagram, expounding concepts such as: "Come join the epic story touching the conversation of mental awareness. Traveling through the mind of someone who just needs a helping hand." And: "Nothing is more powerful and beautiful than love. Until you realize you fell in love with the wrong soul. After you understand this, you come to terms with knowing you will break their heart for the one you want."

A Choreo Collab

Paradis is artistic director of LA Dance Moves, "a very unique dance, music, art, and media company which collaborates artistically with composers, creating inspiring works of the human spirit through film, virtual and live concert work." Her newest work is a feature documentary "Back to the Heart" with composer Frederick Keeve and is currently receiving global recognition in film festivals.

Paradis's work "Mer d'Angélique" is inspired by heaven, the ocean, and "the ever changing twists of Life," also with original compositions by Briggs: Mov 1: Sea of Angels; Mov 2: Angelic Creatures, and Mov 3: Return from Heaven. "It's been an honor to work with the dancers of TRC (The Realm Company) and create this original work with composer Taylor Briggs. The dancers are amazing, kind, talented, and just beautiful people. Sharing the stage with all the guests brought in has been a dream. I'm thrilled to collaborate with Realm director, Chasen Greenwood, who is providing so many opportunities for our beautiful local artists and choreographers."

Cuban choreographer, performer, director, and movement educator, Marco Palomino choreographs, teaches, performs, and produces multimedia in Los Angeles. He worked for Carlos Acosta's organization in London for four years, sharing his job in 11 nations. Marco says he is fascinated by the mind-body-soul link, especially in the areas of spirituality, emotions, feelings, and genuine self-expression.

Palomino's piece, "Como tú," brings to the scene two perspectives. "The human as an individual being and humans as a social group," he explains. "Interaction in society is a fundamental part of the process of human development, but it is important to find the right measure when, in this interaction, society subtly pushes the individual to become something they do not want in order to be accepted by the majority. Let's not be afraid to be different, but let's play the social game wisely so that we can feel free within so many rules."

Dancers' find their "Realm Experience'

Realm Company Dancers: Austin Amato, Matise Love, and Sid Scully
Realm Company Dancers: Austin Amato, Matise Love, and Sid Scully

According to Realm's Executive Summary, the "Realm experience" is about the exploration of the combination of contemporary ballet, theatrical themes, stories, and elements such as theater, singing, acting, and fashion. Realm will carries out its mission through TV/ film, festivals, and events "to further the spirit of collaboration with other performing arts companies. Realm aims to work with artists locally, nationwide, and internationally to reach as many people as possible."

In December, Greenwood and several Realm dancers were featured in an upcoming Paramount project starring undisclosed Hollywood legends.

After his sold-out blackbox preview performance at Westside School of Ballet in July 2022, Greenwood became optimistic. He then brought his troop of local and regionally talented dancers - hailing from New York City Ballet, San Diego City Ballet, Santa Fe Ballet, and the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company, along with strong commercial experiences - to two festivals in the fall of 2022: the Models of Youth Pride Conference, SoCal Ballet Scene, and a 20 minute show for Candlelight Concerts.

Realm dancers are picked primarily through its advanced dance classes at Westside Ballet. Greenwood looks at how dancers interpret his choreography, not their resumes. Realm does not possess a dance hierarchy because Greenwood encourages everyone to work collaboratively. "Balanchine was identical. He always asserted that corps dancers worked as hard as soloists. And as of this moment, we are one. This is a single cast," explains Greenwood.

Greenwood says he wants to share beyond dance and change how people see the world and each other. The company's performances "spread light, inspiration, and love... and creates abstract works with unique and re-imagined themes from movies, TV, and theater.

"You never know who needs to know, 'How are you doing?' Or, 'I'm thinking about you.' Or if that person needs a hug to remind them they are not alone," furthers Greenwood. "We live in a world that keeps going round and round. Compassion, love, fearlessness, and grounding. It may not always feel as if we deserve it, but you do. No matter where you come from."

New Realm dancer and influencer Kathryn Morgan (former soloist with the New York City Ballet and Miami City Ballet) has brought a new dimension to the Realm company dancer space.

The Realm Company Presents SYNERGETIC at The Stomping Ground This Week

"Chasen Greenwood choreographs "Synergetic." Photo: Oliver Endahl/ Ballet Zaida"

Referring to his dancers, he says, "Sometimes you just need compassion. Light and love. It can be comforting to stay in anxiety or fear. It may feel like home, really. But, remember Love? Today I felt so much love in the studio with (Morgan) and David Protas. It's a beautiful thing to leave "work" feeling even better, than when you first walked in."

After going to Juilliard, now professional ballerina (23) attended Bolshoi Ballet Academy. When the war broke out with Ukraine in 2022, Love returned to her hometown of Los Angeles. Currently guest performing with several companies in San Francisco, France and Italy, she has been consistently performing for Ream and says that she "absolutely loves Chasen's vision and choreography." She is performing as the main anti-heroine in Greenwood's new work for the "Synergetic" performance.

Classically trained turned commercial dancer Melissa Briggs shares, "Working with The Realm Company will bring Chasen's inspiring vision of dance forward in a city that values and rewards artistic excellence. I'm looking forward to expanding my repertoire as a professional dancer and movement artist under (his) direction, along with the other incredibly talented choreographers coming in for this specific project. Chasen's work is without equal, and it will bring an exciting and fresh choreographic approach to contemporary ballet in the Los Angeles area!"

"Being able to work this season with Realm has given me an opportunity to re explore what dance means to me as an artist and a creative," says Realm dancer Sydney Rose Huber "Working alongside so many different dancers with 3 very different choreographers has made this project unbelievably invigorating." Huber is a commercial dancer who has also danced with New Jersey Ballet, Manhattan Youth Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, and The Rock School for Dance Education, eventually being given an opportunity to dance in Santa Barbara with the State Street Ballet.

Community Engagement

Realm is collaborating with Greenwood's professional dancer friend, Meredith Harper, who has been instrumental in Swan Within and "ANGEL PROJECT FOR KIDS," which works with formerly incarcerated youth who have been victims of sex trafficking. The two are finishing touches on forming a dance workshop for these children - possibly also in October. (TBA.) "This is truly an inspired contribution for spreading healing light and love through dance. Bravo Greenwood for saying YES!," shares Harper.

"One to Watch"

In March 2022, Greenwood was named one of The Argonaut's The Argonaut's 'Westsiders to Watch' and he went on to work on various innovative projects with his fellow performers during the pandemic, including weekly shows on the Marley Floor of Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade. Greenwood worked with adult dance students at Westside Ballet to stay in condition and involved with other contemporary ballet professionals. He started as a substitute and is now in charge of five regularly scheduled classes.

In the fall of 2021, Greenwood was approached by a group of professional adult ballet dancers who informed him that the optimism felt in their community after the third Covid wave was largely due to several dance film efforts he had participated in. In response, he hosted a joint fundraising Gala in October 2021 to amass resources for his subsequent endeavor. Then, kind investors came forward with a plan to bring Realm into the world.

Greenwood was also selected "one to watch" by Dancer Magazine after a national tour with State Street Ballet as a soloist. "Best Young Choreographer" at the Regional America Southwest Festival. He worked alongside Richy Jackson, Lady Gaga's choreographer, and Neal Brennan on an Xbox Super Bowl advertisement.

Training on full scholarship with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Houston Ballet, and Ballet Austin, Greenwood began his career performing with LeAnn Rimes. He also performed in the West Coast premiere of "Newsies," and in the musical "Casper" (national tour). Pre-Covid work included choreography for the short film "En Avant" produced by Neutrogena Studios and director Sarah Jean Williams-as well as a project for National Geographic with director Roger Fishman.

"En Avant," which highlights the internal struggle of a young Black ballerina as she faces racism and is pressured to lighten her skin with makeup, received online acclaim and went viral in early 2022. It has received nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

The Realm Company's "Synergetic" Event & Performance takes place on Saturday, April 15, 6pm pictures/ red carpet, 7:30pm Performance at The Stomping Ground LA, 5453 Alhambra Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032. Featuring step & repeat red carpet, DJ, champagne, an original score, and an evening of performances by multiple choreographers.

Photo Credits: Tatiana Wills (top) Oliver Endahl/ Ballet Zaida (last).



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