Shows Are Announced For The Hollywood Encore! Producers' Awards

JELLY'S LAST JAM And More Annouced For Pasadena Playhouse 2023-24 Season

The Hollywood Encore! Producers' Awards announces the Encore shows (the best of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019), running in July through August 2019 at the various venues throughout Hollywood. All tickets to the shows can be purchased at the Hollywood Fringe site

The Winners of the Hollywood Encore Producers' Award (ENCORES) represent the best of the shows presented at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The shows are selected by participating venues based on artistic merit, commercial potential and developmental possibilities. These shows have received a valuable extension giving them the opportunity for additional audience, press, awards and opportunities for longer runs at these venues or other venues throughout the city.

For more information on the individual shows, please contact the producer of the show through the show's page at


Sorted by venue - Shows and Performance subject to change.

ACTORS COMPANY - 916 N Formosa, Los Angeles, CA 90046

7/3, 7:00pm Birthday

7/7, 4:00pm Happy Hour

7/5, 8:00pm Human Fountains

7/3, 8:30pm Mandy Picks a Husband

7/6, 7:00pm Oracles and Miracles

7/7, 5:30pm & 6:30pm Public Domain Nominated Best Musicals and Operas

7/6, 9:00pm The London Rose

7/5, 9:45pm [Title Of Show]

LOUNGE THEATRE - 6201 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, 90038

7/20, 5:00pm (Im)Perfekt

7/21, 4:00pm A Bit Much

7/6, 8:00pm An Excuse To Behave Badly

7/20, 8:00pm Chrissy Meth - A Dance with the Devil and the Journey Back to Self

7/14, 4:00pm Clementine

7/12, 9:00pm Corina, From Lap Dance To Sundance -Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/11 & 7/13 8:00pm Fertile

7/2, 4:30pm Hide Your Fires: Butoh Lady Macbeth -Winner: Freak-Best International

7/14, 4:00pm Hollywoodn't

7/14, 7:00pm If We Run

7/13, 5:00pm Leaving Prince Charming

7/21, 7:00pm To Richard

MCCADDEN PLACE THEATRE - 1157 N McCadden Pl. 90038

7/7, 5:00pm Gunfight at the Not-So-OK Saloon -Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/5, 7:00pm Let's Write A Musical -Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/6, 4:00pm MIL GRUS -Winner: Pick of the Fringe Nominated Best Dance & Physical Theatre

7/6, 2:00pm Monkey Mind- Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/12, 7:00pm No More Toys

7/7, 9:30pm Siren Call

STEPHANIE FEURY STUDIO - 5636 Melrose Ave. 90038

7/27, 7:00pm Bunny the Elf LIVE!

7/6, 7:00pm George.

7/21, 3:00pm Out Of The Blue

7/29 & 8/8, 7:00 pm Raised By Wolves

7/20, 7:00pm Sorry About My Friend - Nominated Unleashed Awards

7/27, 8:30pm Thank You For Loving Me.

7/15, 9:00pm The Human[Oid] Experience

7/12, 9:00pm TobinCon - Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/8, 8:00pm Greenwood 1964- Winner: Pick of the Fringe

STUDIO C - 6448 Santa Monica Blvd. 90038

7/6, 8:30pm American Stranger

7/13, 4:00pm Ask A Black Woman

7/7, 6:00pm Dandy Darkly's All Aboard!- Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/24, 8:00pm Dear Jeff: A Musical Comedy About Suicide & Domestic Abuse

7/13, 6:00pm Double Feature: The Original English & Murderfuck

7/13, 9:00pm I Am Not A Man

7/13, 7:30pm Jamba Juice: The Musical

7/13, 2:00pm Moral Fixation

7/20, 7:00pm Mr. Yunioshi-Winner: Pick of the Fringe & Winner: Freak-Best Solo Show

7/12 & 7/26, 9:30pm One Hump Heart

7/27, 5:00pm Paper Trails

7/14, 4:00pm Seven

7/19, 9:30pm Speak I Will

7/27, 3:00pm Supportive White Parents- Winner: Pick of the Fringe, Nominated Best Musicals and Operas

7/11, 7:00pm The Masher

7/19, 7:00pm Temple Tantrum- Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/27, 6:30pm The Last Powerpoint

7/12 & 7/26, 8:00pm The One Man Improvised Musical- Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/24, 9:30pm Stuff I Think Funny and Good

STUDIO / STAGE - 520 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, 90004

7/18 8:00pm Pho Girl

7/18 9:30pm, 7/19 9:30pm Bat Knight! -Nominated Best Cabaret & Variety

7/20 4:30pm, 7/27 8pm Batter Up! My Brain on Baseball- Pick of the Fringe

7/19 8:00pm, 7/20 6:30pm Crabbe and Goyle are Dead:

7/20 8:00pm Life Plan

7/21 7:30pm The Circle Table

7/20 10pm, 7/24 6:30pm The Journey of the Little Prince

7/21 9:00pm Disrobed:

7/24 - 7/26 8:00pm, 7/27 2pm, 7/28 7pm Tattered Capes: Winner: Freak for Best Dance / Physical Theatre

7/27 6:00pm Sugar Free: Foster Care Cognitive Dissonance

7/28 5:00pm Silent Joy

The Arena Stage (Hobgoblin)

8/9 8pm 8/11 9:00pm The Bully Problem- Pick of the Fringe / Nominated Top of Fringe & Fringe First, Nominated Best Musicals and Operas

8/11 6:00pm Earth and Fire Walking

8/15 8pm, 8/17 8;00pm She Kills Monsters

8/18 6pm 8/25 6:00pm Radicals

8/22 8pm, 8/24 8:00pm TableTop: The Musical

THE COMPLEX HOLLYWOOD - 6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 90038

Ruby Theatre:

7/10, 8:00pm Olivia Wilde Will Not Survive the Apocalypse Winner:- Freak for Best Comedy

7/12, 8:00pm This Way Yonder- Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/12, 10:00pm Pit Of Goblins-Nominated: Best Solo Performance

7/13, 9:00pm Princess Magic's Trash Time Revue

7/14, 8:00pm Crack Whore, Bulimic, Girl-Next-Door-.Nominated-The Conversation Creation Award

Dorie Theatre:

7/12, 8:00pm Acid Wash Love

7/13, 8:00pm What I Never Told You -Nominated: Best International Performance

7/13, 10:00pm Blackboxing -Winner: Pick of the Fringe; Freak for Best Cabaret and Variety, Stand Out Song Award, TPP Trope Buster

7/14, 8:00pm The Narcissist Next Door

Flight Theatre:

7/11, 8:00pm Cave Girl-Nominated-The Conversation Creation Award

7/11, 10:00pm Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road?

7/12, 8:00pm If It Goes There

7/13, 7:00pm Yes, No, Maybe

7/13, 9:30pm Sexual Misadventures of a Straight White Male: A Privilege Story

7/14, 7:00pm My Trans Wife


7/11, 8:00pm Very Good Actor: An Acting Seminar

7/12, 8:00pm Hamilkong

7/13, 8:00pm 2 for 1

7/14, 6:30pm Pocketmon-Nominated: Stand Out Song Award

THE HUDSON THEATRES - 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, 90038

7/12 8:30pm & 7/13 & 7/14 3:00pm An Yet Another Evening With the Sistahs

7/5, 8:30pm Comedy Hoe

7/27, 3:00pm & 7/28, 7:00pm Eva Peron- Winner: Pick of the Fringe

7/10, 8:30pm & 7/14, 7:00pm Goldfish

7/7 & 7/14, 5:00pm, 7/12, 6:30pm Love, Madness, and Somewhere in Between

7/12, 8:00, & 7/14, 3:00pm Swiped

7/7, 3:00pm The Ride

THE NEW COLLECTIVE - 6440 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, 90028

TBA You Too

TBA You, Again

THE NEW AMERICAN THEATRE - 1312 Wilton Pl. Los Angeles, 90028

July 14 & 21 3:00pm Loose Underwear- Winner: Pick of the Fringe

July 27, 2:00pm The Scorpion and the Frog

THYMELE ARTS - 5481 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles. 90029

7/12, 8:00pm No Child Left Behind

7/12, 9:30pm Boxing Your Demons

7/12, 7:30pm Chrysalis


BroadStage to Present the World Premiere of Los Angeles Ballet's MEMORYHOUSE

BroadStage will present the world premiere of Los Angeles Ballet's Memoryhouse, the first full-length ballet by Melissa Barak as Los Angeles Ballet's new Artistic Director. The ballet will run June 15-17, 2023 at 7:30pm at the Eli and Edythe Broad Stage.

Review: THE BOOK OF WILL at A Noise Within

Gunderson’s storytelling and her love of Shakespeare is another. It’s also icing on a most tasty cake that may not be for all palates. If you get the running gag of a character’s passion for PERICLES, this one’s for you.

Lin Shaye to Debut Solo Show TRIPPING ON LIFE at The Hollywood Fringe in June

 Rugolo Entertainment and Buchwald have announced the highly anticipated staged reading of “Tripping on Life,' written and performed by the legendary Lin Shaye. Directed by Robert Galinsky, the solo show will be showcased as a staged reading at this year's prestigious Hollywood Fringe Festival.

IF I'M GOOD to Play Hollywood Fringe in June

Tennessee Whiskey & Fresno Chile Productions has announced the West-Coast premiere of If I'm Good, by Ronnie Larsen, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


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905 Cole Theater (6/03-6/23)
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