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Review: COMPANY at StageLight Entertainment At The Bacca Arts Center in Lindenhurst, Long Island

Stephen Sondheim's Broadway smash "Company" is alive and well at the BACCA Arts Center in Lindenhurst. Presented by StageLight Entertainment, this production of the 1970 musical is a smash hit! Performed with linear staging and in a very intimate setting, this smart production felt like it was being performed in the living room by your favorite and annoying circle of friends.

"Company" circles around bachelor Bobby and all of the people in his life. Although Bobby has three (or more) companions, he usually serves as the third wheel throughout his encounters with various and quirky married couples. Author George Firth's characters are mighty familiar to all of us. We all know the drinker, the eater, the stoner, the cheater, the nervous bride, and more. These people intertwine through skits and songs encouraging Bobby to finally "grow up" and settle down so he won't be alone for the rest of his life. Bobby's connection between company and happiness is ultimately discovered and decided upon.

With such Broadway gems as "The Ladies Who Lunch," "You Could Drive A Person Crazy," and "Being Alive," the Sondheim score soars once again especially performed by a group of multitalented actors who you'd think were actually playing themselves. Chris Saltalamacchio is an excellent Bobby. The man sings and dances with the greatest of ease. He is the ringmaster of this friendship circus and is perfect for the part.

Stephanie Moreau as Sarah and Christopher D. Fretto as her husband Harry were both hysterical as they delve into eating, drinking, and even karate. Carolyn Cafiero-Cavanaugh as the soon to be bride Amy brilliantly plows through the patter song "Getting Married Today." David Kaplan's "high as a kite" performance as David is terrific and Patrice Klein Richardson as his wife Jenny is a wonderful singer and clown.

Kara Vertucci as Kathy sings like an angel as her classically trained voice echoes throughout the theater. Mara Kaplan performs the show stopper "Another Hundred People" with great gusto and stewardess Regina Spano's "Barcelona" is sweet and tender. Also rounding out the sensational cast is Richard Miller as Peter, Jenna Wolf as Susan, Kevin Hansen as Paul, and Ken Young as Larry.

The eleven o'clock number, "The Ladies Who Lunch," is performed by an over the top Tiana Christoforidis as Joanne. She channels Patti LuPone with her Broadway belt and shows off her comic timing in "The Little Things You Do Together." She gives a powerhouse performance and is quite electrifying.

Director and choreographer Rick Grossman gathered the best company out there to perform one of Sondheim's earliest and best works. Through costume and wigs, the audience was transported back to the groovy 1970's and all of these delicious characters make us yearn for many more of these excellent productions to come!


Originally Produced and Directed on Broadway by Harold Prince, Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick, Musical Director and Accompanist Brian Sweeney, Stage Manager Amber Miller, Costume and Wig Design Jessie Maldonado, Lighting Design Mike Esposito, Set Design Chris Rosselli, Box Office Dawn Dichter, Concesstions by Creative Cookies and Confections and Directed and Choreographed for StageLight Entertainment by Rick Grossman.

Starring: Chris Saltalamacchio as Robert, Richard Miller as Peter, Jenna Wolf as Susan, Christopher D. Fretto as Harry, Stephanie Moreau as Sarah, Kevin Hansen as Paul, Carolyn Cafiero-Cavanaugh as Amy, David Kaplan as David, Patrice Klein Richardson as Jenny, Tiana Christoforidis as Joanne, Ken Young as Larry, Mara Kaplan as Marta, Regina Spano as April and Kara Vertucci as Kathy.

For more information and tickets, please go to: or call: (632)-592-8563


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