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Comedy in Vegas Tonight: Brad Garrett with Brad Zimmerman

What a treat it is to find out that those people who are so funny in scripted sitcoms are at least as funny in person. Brad Garrett - the much put-upon Robert In "Everybody Loves Raymond" - is a perfect example. 

He appears frequently in the 10:30 p.m. spot at the Danny Gans Theatre, a venue shared with Jay Leno, Ray Romano, David Spade and others. It's a wonderful showcase for all of them. 

We're most used to seeing Garrett as the second banana on "Raymond." But here he stands - all six-feet, eight-inches of him - alone and he is very funny.  

Interacting with the audience, Garrett lets no group escape unscathed. He has something to say about Italians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and, because he includes himself, Jews and tall people. He also does a mean impression of Ray Romano. 

Garrett's comedy is about all of us, all the ordinary things people say and do. It's about relationships, dating, sex and the stuff of everyday. But he is so engaging that he makes it sound extraordinary. 

His opening act, Brad Zimmerman, is the prototypical New York comic. Angst-ridden, angry and still very nice. He played Johnny Sack's lawyer on "The Sopranos" and seeing him in that role the viewer would have no idea of his comic depths. His act is very deeply rooted in the City and he brings all the exasperation involved in living there, dealing with the city, alive. 

The two Brads make for a terrific evening of comedy but in September and October Garrett will appear with Romano at the Mirage. Definitely an act worth checking out.

For the line-up and tickets, visit The Mirage's website:

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