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For every great show filled with entertainers coming together (such as the Rat Pack and "Million Dollar Quartet"), there are some that can only be imagined to be great if it had happened. While entertainment icons Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra have passed, what a collaboration if Elvis, Sinatra and Neil Diamond had come together to entertain audiences.

Rob Garrett had the same idea. He wrote and stars in "American Trilogy" about all three singing together on stage. The show, also paying homage to the 4th of July holiday, will be performed at South Point Showroom at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa June 30-July 2.

"American Trilogy" is scripted and while each tribute artist will perform solo spots, there is interaction, duets and a grand finale. The show takes place in present day with the premise that all three icons are still performing. They decide to come together to give back to the country during the Independence Day weekend. Sinatra is the unofficial host as he performs first.

According to Garrett, there are connections between the three iconic performers. In reality, when Elvis was discharged from the army, he performed on Sinatra's television variety special in 1960 and the two sang a duet. In "American Trilogy," the two are much older and wiser and decide to perform together again as they reminisce about 1960 special. Both also recorded the song, "My Way" although Sinatra released it in 1969 and while Elvis performed it on stage in the 1970s, his live version was released in 1977 after his passinG. Diamond wrote the song, "And the Grass Will Pay No Mind" which both he and Elvis recorded (both in the same studio) and released separately in 1969.

Garrett has been paying tribute to Neil Diamond for almost 24 years. At the beginning of his career, he performed in "Legends in Concert," first in Hawaii and then on the Las Vegas Strip.

"Neil Diamond is great," Garrett said. "Everyone has a favorite Neil Diamond song. Of the three performers, Diamond was the songwriter and his music is very emotional. The genius of Neil Diamond is that many people can identify with his music as if it was written for them."

Ironically, Garrett's main musical influences were Diamond and Elvis along with The Beatles. He worked in a cover band for years and sang many Neil Diamond songs during that period. When he first conceived the idea for the show, originally it was going to be Elvis and Diamond. But Garrett felt it needed another icon as a part of the Americana music scene and selected Sinatra. Garrett was performing with Elvis tribute artist Justin Shandor (who portrays Elvis in the show) and was discussing his idea. When deciding on the name, it was Shandor who suggested "American Trilogy" since Elvis recorded the song, "An American Trilogy." The show premiered in Las Vegas in the Starlight Theatre before moving to several resorts.

"American Trilogy" will be performed in the South Point Showroom in the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa June 30-July 2. Doors open at 6:30 and the show is at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased by clicking here.

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