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Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure will take the whole family to the depths of the vast ocean on an educational and immersive exploration through the world's most intriguing marine reptiles. Actors, technology, puppets, science, and imagination creates an amazing visual experience that connects young audiences to the real science of paleontology. Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure arrives on the Reynolds Hall stage at The Smith Center Nov. 20.

The adventure is an immersive experience inviting everyone to jump in and explore the ocean depths where prehistoric marine reptiles lived eons agoa??and might still be living today. Puppeteer and host, Eryn Malafronte, is on dry land to talk about the show and its intricate levels.

BWW Feature: ERTH'S PREHISTORIC AQUARIUM ADVENTURE at The Smith CenterHow long have you been with this production?

Eryn Malafronte: I was a puppeteer and actor in Erth's Dinosaur Zoo Live for the past seven years, and now I am touring with this show. There is so much puppetry in this show, and I really wanted to be part of it.

How did you get into puppetry?

Eryn Malafronte: I never expected to make this a part of my career. I am trained in musical theater and acting. Ironically, I was challenged when someone told me I couldn't become a puppeteer. Puppets can weigh over 100 pounds, and a man I worked with said that women couldn't lift them. I was determined to show him that I could do it as well as other women.

What do you love about puppetry?

Eryn Malafronte: I love how it is a selfless art. I do enjoy being on stage and being in the spotlight, but doing puppetry is the complete opposite of that. Most of the time, you are not being seen. I have to channel my energy or the energy of the animal or the energy of the object being portrayed into the puppet. I think this is really cool.

Who are the characters in the show?

Eryn Malafronte: They are prehistoric marine reptiles living in the ocean before dinosaurs. There are so many different creatures in the show that four puppeteers will be puppeteering.

Have you ever performed in Las Vegas before?

Eryn Malafronte: Yes, I have in one of Erth's other shows in The Smith Center. What people might not know is that there is a wall where performers in different shows can write the name of the show, and we even drew a picture. I am looking forward to coming back to Vegas.

What can the audience expect from the show?

Eryn Malafronte: It is a great family show, and while kids know about dinosaurs, they will learn so much about prehistoric marine reptiles. It is very cool to teach them about these creatures through puppetry and humor. We will pick four kids to bring on stage, and they are incorporated into the show. They are dressed up in costumes and experience everything on stage with the host Charlie.

The creators of Erth's Dinosaur Zoo Live present Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure on the Reynolds Hall stage at The Smith Center on Nov. 20. Showtime is 6 p.m. Tickets are available at The Smith Center Box Office, by calling 702-749-2000, or online at

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