BWW Review: DISENCHANTED at Starlight Indoor Series

BWW Review: DISENCHANTED at Starlight Indoor Series

It's your favorite princesses like you've never seen them before; snarky and fed-up.

"Disenchanted" is a play in a play as Snow White (Madison Tinder) hosts a variety show with the other princesses to show how Disney has ruined their lives.

Poor Belle (Miriam Drysdale) has been committed for talking to the furniture, the princess who kisses the frog (Cherise Thomas) is mad that she and other women of color have been ignored for so long, and Ariel (Drysdale) has taken to the bottle to deal with the fact that she wants to get rid of her legs and move back into the ocean.

Everyone takes their turn to show where Disney went wrong with their story from giving them "Not V'One Red Cent" to commenting on the misogynistic treatment of their appearance in "Big Tits" and "All I Want to do is Eat." They tell everyone that these movies are teaching little girls the "princess complex" or the need to be a damsel in distress and how damaging that is for those little girls to hear.

Each song was comedic and had the audience rolling in their seats and cheering each princess on. My favorite song was Mulan's (Ann Paula Bautista) "Without the Guy" portraying Mulan as a lesbian who did not need a man or feel the need to be as princess-y as the other because she might want a girl to save her instead. Bautista fills the entire stage despite her small stature and gets laughs for her portrayal of Pocahontas and Princess Badroulbadour (Jasmine) focusing on the stereotypes and over-sexualization of those characters.

Sleeping Beauty (Daniella Richards) was my favorite princess. She sang "Perfect" to remind us all that no matter what we look like we are all perfectly perfect. Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella (Madison Hayes-Cook) act as the court jester to Snow White's already funny role. They used their bodies for laughs and threw themselves into their role dancing and singing with passion.

While "Disenchanted" is very funny and I recommend you going to see, the princesses do use crude language and sing about some touchy topics, so the show says 14 and up.

"Disenchanted" is a part of Starlight's indoor series and will be playing through the 19th. For tickets call (816) 363-7827 or go to

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