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Musical Theater Composer - Freelance

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COMPANY: Freelance
DATE POSTED: 10/22/2021
PHONE #: 9296023638
ADDRESS: 54-09 100th Street #815
Corona, NY 11368

Listing Information:

Seeking trained, preferably experienced Musical Theater Composers for more than a dozen ON SPEC copyrighted projects for which I've written libretti (books & lyrics) in quasi-operatic style, interweaving dialogue & dance almost inextricably with conventional 64-bar song, recitative, aria and extended musical scenes. Each needs a specific musical interpretation reflecting historical era and geographical location from Ancient Greece to early 21st century urban, while showcasing the composer's own distinctive individual style. Much as I admire Sondheim, he is sui generis.
Neither the composer nor I will be compensated until a show is optioned for commercial production, but we will in most instances split the Author's Advance and ALL ROYALTIES 50-50 instead of the Dramatists' Guild standard split of 2/3 (4%) of gross to me and only 1/3 (2%) to the composer. Where the libretto is based on/adapted from material copyrighted by a third party, the split will be 1/3 to each of us. If you do your own orchestrations, that will be negotiated separately with the producer. Once we're both satisfied with rewrites--as need be--we'll recopyright the entire project in both our names. If we reach an impasse, all rights in the music will revert to you. All rights in the book, lyrics and concept will revert to me.
For additional details, including my support material (resume', c.v., letters of recommendation, etc.) and a list of projects with capsule descriptions of each, please contact me by email with mp3s of your original compositions for real, LIVE human voices instead of MIDI. Samples of my work as a lyricist may be found on my personal page at Number One Music, i.e., three songs from ZARZUELA DE OVEJUNADOR (THE SHEEPHERDER'S OPERA) as well as on YouTube with a medley from THE LONG, HOT SUMMER MUSICAL PROJECT, based on the 1958 film, conditional stage adaptation rights granted by the estate of William Faulkner, pending a Hollywood big screen remake of that minor classic which starred Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward. Thank you and stay safe.

Salary: 3% of Show's Gross Income

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