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Acting for Singers

Acting for Singers - Acting For Singers, MCS Studio

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COMPANY: Acting For Singers, MCS Studio
DATE POSTED: 1/6/2021
WEB SITE: click here
PHONE #: 212.904.1102
ADDRESS: 357 W. 36th St., Suite #202
NYC, NY 10018

Listing Information: We ARE still creating. We ARE still making art. STAY in shape. GET in shape. Lets grow together. Drop in any Tuesday 3:30, reach out for any and all questions...It's Time!
Coach with Matthew Corozine (founding Artistic Director of MCS leading NYC acting studio) and Cooper Grodin (former PHANTOM, Les Miz).
Take your musical theater cuts to the next level in this intimate, safe, virtual professional class!
You will receive your music tracks.
“Completely love Acting for Singers with Cooper and Matt, they are teaching me how to step into something that I was afraid of...very glad they are here to help me find the confidence within myself.”
-Rhaamell Burke-Misosuri
King Kong, Broadway
"Matthew and Cooper really provide a safe space to take away the shtick of musical theater...there is always something new I take away from class.”
-Elijah Caldwell (Standby for 2020 winner of the Pulitzer in Drama: “A Strange Loop”)
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