Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at HaBima Theatre

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Dates: (12/21/2019 - 2/29/2020 )


HaBima Theatre

Sderot Tarsat 2
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 61001

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A play that is considered the pinnacle of the work of Edward Olby, one of the greatest contemporary playwrights. The play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?" Over the years, he has established a status of masterpiece - a modern classic. Since it was first introduced, some 50 years ago, it has been captivating generations of viewers around the world and giving them an immersive experience. George, a professor of history and his wife, Martha, the university's president, host a young couple - an aspiring biologist who has joined the faculty and his fragile wife. The quartet goes on a long journey into the night, which includes cruel and dangerous amusements. The violent exchange reveals the relationship between the couple. The guests become weapons in the wild struggle of the hosts, a struggle waged between them throughout their lives.

The witty and brilliant dialogue reveals the real face that lies beneath social conventions. He forces the characters to reach the frank even if it hurts, and manages to excite, inspire, whip and laugh.

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HaBima Theatre is at Sderot Tarsat 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

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