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Industry Pro Newsletter: LA Institutions Require Boosters, Boston Invests in the Arts


The virus brings about more closings, cancellations, and long pauses.

January 3, 2022 -

Happy New Year! As we kick off another year, we find ourselves in what feels like a similar pattern: uncertainty. While the next few weeks seem destined to be rough within the industry as we continue to grapple with another surge in the virus related both to the new variant and holiday travel, we remain in a much stronger position than we were at last year. New treatments are available for those that do contract the virus, and the number of people receiving vaccines and boosters continues to rise. The New York Times laid out the case for hope in regards to the virus in their morning newsletter today. While that can be cold comfort to those in the midst of the fight within the theatre industry, it does serve as a reminder that though there is plenty of uncertainty ahead, we are in a foundationally more stable place than we were just one year ago as vaccines began to roll out.

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The Social Report

American Utopia climbed to the top of the leaderboard after announcing 'Unchained' performances. Meanwhile, The Music Man has cancelled performances through January 5th.


NPR Honors the Understudies

With the Omicron variant causing numerous new arrangements of performers, understudies, and standbys (with some coming back to shows after years away to cover a role), Morning Edition covered the story that many in the industry have been living the past several weeks. Read More...

Industry Pro Newsletter: LA Institutions Require Boosters, Boston Invests in the Arts

Mrs. Doubtfire Announces Hiatus

In an effort to stave off permanent closure, the new Broadway musical Mrs. Doubtfire announced that they would be taking a hiatus until March 14th. While shows that have been running for a long time have deep benches available understudies and standbys, new musicals don't have the same luxury. The producers described the delicate first few months of a new show, and called this a proactive measure to protect the longevity of the show. Tickets are currently on sale from March 15th through November of 2022. Read More...

Los Angeles Institutions to Require Booster Shots

Starting in mid-January, the leading Los Angeles arts presenters will require proof of a booster shot for entry into indoor events. The group coming together include the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Center Theatre Group, and the Music Center. Read More...

Shifting to a Collaborative Vision

American Theatre explores the shifting leadership models across the regional theatres in the United States. While the top-down Artistic Director led institution has dominated the field for the last few decades, as a new generation of leadership comes of age, that model is shifting into something more collective, with more decision makers in the room working toward a shared vision for the institution. Read More...

Industry Pro Newsletter: LA Institutions Require Boosters, Boston Invests in the Arts

The Public Cancels the Under the Radar Festival

What would have been the 18th edition of the important festival of new work was canceled late last week due to ongoing safety concerns and risk of disruption by the virus. The cancellation doesn't necessarily come due to any artist illness, but the risk of illness coupled with other disruptions - including the thousands of flight cancellations recently - that have prevented the festival from finding a viable path forward. Read More...

Representation Matters

Writing in the Chicago Tribune, Nina Metz explores the myriad of ways that representation matters on screen (and by extrapolation, on stage). It is not simply in having characters that look like a cross section of the community, but also exploring the complexity of that lived experience in the writing and approach to the performance (including direction and notes from studio heads/artistic directors). Read More...

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Focuses on the Arts

With a renewed focus on the cultural sector as a driver of the post-pandemic economic recovery, Boston's Mayor Michelle Wu is focusing on the arts in a way that could be a blueprint for many mayors across the country. Why do Mayor Wu's promises to the arts and cultural sector carry more weight than past Mayor's who may have paid similar lip service? She is a classically trained pianist who recently had a piano installed in City Hall. Read More...

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