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BWW Blog: Hitting the Ground Running Post-Spring Break

BWW Blog: Hitting the Ground Running Post-Spring Break

It was so nice to spend a week home sleeping in every day and catching up with friends and family, but I'm happy to be back in the swing of things here in Bloomington. Rehearsals for City of Angels have picked up right where we left off. With only a little over three weeks until opening, we have kicked it into high gear to get the show ready to go. As we continue with rehearsals, my excitement continues to grow to be a part of my first IU mainstage musical! Although it's still a few weeks away, I know the rest of the process is going to fly by, and it's so exciting!

In addition to rehearsing for City of Angels, we also are busy rehearsing our freshman showcase! In the middle of April, we're having a short showcase to display all of the talent that our BFA MT class has, and it's all student run! We're doing a number of large and small group numbers as a way to show our faculty, family, and peers the growth we've gone through even after just one year. Although piling rehearsals for showcase on top of City of Angels can be stressful, it's been very rewarding to see successful work being done.

With just 6 weeks left before summer, the end of the year is coming fast and is definitely motivation to push through to the end. The weather is starting to get warmer (although as I write this, it's technically the first day of spring and it's currently snowing outside, so we'll see) and people are all refreshed after spring break and pumped to work through the rest of the year. Summer is right around the corner, and with that comes excitement for summer plans. I tentatively have plans to be in a show, but I'm still waiting to hear about if I'm in it or not; if so, that will take up most of my summer and will be a blast.

I also will be going on an Alaskan cruise this July with my family and am beyond excited. Aside from that, I plan on taking dance classes and continuing to study theatre in any way I can to keep up my education throughout the summer. I've taken ballet all year and am taking tap this semester, so I definitely don't want to lose any of the progress I've made this year and want to keep on dancing as much as I can. When doing summer stock auditions in the last few months, I learned where I think I should be by around this time next year dance-wise, so I for sure don't want to lose any momentum from the year. Other than that, there's not much else going on outside of rehearsals and classes. I continue to love IU and the MT program more and more every day, and I'm so grateful for amazing people to come back to after a week off.

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