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DIAL "M" FOR MURDER - Triad Stage Auditions

Posted: May 26, 2011

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– Equity Principal Auditions by


Triad Stage Greensboro NC SPT (approval/salary level pending; current weekly minimum: $517).

Artistic Dir: / Stage Dir: Preston Lane

Author: Frederick Knott

1st reh: 8/9/11.Runs 9/4-9/25.

Equity Principal Auditions by


Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Triad Stage

11 AM – 6:30 PM 232 S. Elm Street, 3rd Floor Rehearsal Hall (Sloan)

Lunch from 12:30 PM – 1 PM.Greensboro, NC

Follow auditions signs to rehearsal hall.

For an

appointment,call 336/274-0067 x209. Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day, as time permits.

Please prepare a brief contemporary monologue. Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.

Seeking (all roles are available):

Margot Wendice:

Mid 30s. Struggling to make her marriage work.Has put an end to her affair with Max, and is desperate to make Tony happy.She is, however, anxious and worried about her affair with Max being discovered because of a letter she misplaced.Her intense feelings for Max are re-awakened when he returns to London. Margot must hide her feelings for Max as she attempts to behave in social situations involving her husband and Max. Wealthy; desires a better life and more freedom. Trusting and innocent. As her husband’s lies are exposed, Margot has problems conceiving the magnitude of the lies Tony has created.Devastated by the crime, her conviction and her impending death.Speaks in an upper-class British dialect. Actress needs to be physically agile, with goodcombat skills.

Max Halliday:

American, mid 30s. Passionately in love with Margot,determined to win her back.Television writer of murder mysteries; possesses quick wit and intelligence.Although their affair has ended, he is unwilling to give Margot up, even if she says she is actually happy with her husband. Insinuates himself into her marriage to be close to her. Determined to save Margot’s life. As the crime is unraveled, he seeks vengeance to destroy Tony and claim Margot for his own.

Tony Wendice:

Mid 30s. Clever, jealous, charming and calculating.Also shallow, narcissistic and cruel. After realizing his professional tennis career has dried up, he looks for a new way to secure the financial freedom he desires. When Tony discovers that his wife has been having an affair, he constructs an elaborate plan to have her murdered in order to collect the insurance money. Not afraid to blackmail those who may be useful to him.A liar, thinking quickly to save himself in any situation. Hates Margot and Max, but is a consummate actor, playing the role necessary to achieve his goal.Cannot believe that Inspector Hubbard is smart enough to prove he is guilty.Speaks in an upper-class British dialect.

Inspector Hubbard:

Man, 50s. A brilliant mind is hidden behind his calm exterior. Unassuming detective, collecting facts and clues to build his case. His success comes as a surprise to the criminals he brings to justice, as it might be easy to underestimate him.Instantly recognizes that something is wrong with the murder as Tony and Margot describe it. But even after winning a conviction, he continues to be haunted by the possibility that justice was not served.Becomes intensely committed to saving Margot’s life as he looks deeper into the crime.Although he may disapprove of Margot and Max, his actions are determined by his strong sense of justice.His intense focus on his job leads him to be a bit obsessive as well.Meticulous, thorough and can be a bit conniving, if it will help the case.Speaks in a London dialect.

Captain Lesgate:

Man, late 30s. Yet another assumed name in a long line of identities for C. A. Swann, a small-time con man who uses his good looks and breeding to live off of the generosity of wealthy, lonely women. Addicted to gambling, he has always stayed just one step ahead of the law as he steals and deals his way, always hoping to win big at the races. The crime that Tony proposes is outside of his league, but desperation and the dream of a quick fortune convince him to accept. His web of lies and deceit is beginning to catch up with him, and the dreams of his youth have been lost in the constant scheming and deception his daily life demands.Speaks in an upper-class British dialect. Actor needs to be physically agile, with goodcombat skills.

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