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BWW Interview: HAIR Tour Brings Love to the Fox Theatre in Detroit This Weekend


The national tour of HAIR is coming to the Fox Theatre in Detroit this weekend. Cast member Brittany Rose Hammond says, "it's a show that an audience filled with different generations and different types of people can enjoy and share the same message of peace, love, and harmony."

Hammond, a California native, is on her very first tour and loving every moment of it. "The whole experience is wonderful because you get to see a lot of cities and states that you would have never visited normally," she says. "The air literally and figuratively changes in every venue and every location we visit. Sometimes the crowd is more reserved and sometimes they are jumping up on stage with us at the end of the show before we pull them up."

Since it's debut in 1967, HAIR has a long history with many productions that have been on Broadway and performed throughout the world. It takes place in America during the 1960s Vietnam War era and is about a group of teenagers searching for truth, peace, and love, as they have to make decisions about their lives. This current tour is the 2009 Broadway production that won the Tony that year for Best Musical Revival.

Hammond enjoys being part of the ensemble, or tribe, as they are known, where she gets sing in the 'Black Boys' trio. "I get to be in this really fun trio in the second act where it's a blonde, a brunette, and a red head and we get to see about how much we love our chocolate flavored treats," she says.

While she is part of the ensemble, Hammond also has a more important job as dance captain and onstage swing. Her onstage ensemble track is specially designed so that she can easily be swung out and put anywhere else on stage. "If anyone is injured or out in any way, I fill in," she says. "I come in and pick up any holes or missing pieces that need to happen." Some of the roles she has gone on for include male soldiers jumping of a helicopter and John Wilkes Booth. "I always have to be prepared because it can be anything and at anytime. I have to have it mapped it in my head where I have to go at all times for every part that I fill in for," she says. "As dance captain, it is my job to maintain the basic structure of the show physically as far as intentions behind choreography are. Having these responsibilities taught me so much and have made me quicker to think under pressure, I'm really enjoying every moment of it."

Hammond finds being part of the well-known and well-loved show HAIR makes every performance special because of how it connects with the audience. "A stand out moment in every show is at the end when we sing 'Let The Sunshine In' and it's just a really big moment for the cast and the audience," she says. "The cast members split off and go down the aisles singing a cappella and you can see, hear, and feel that the audience is moved by the story. Some people as you walk by will bury their head in their hands because maybe they are crying and moved by it or it reminds them of something in their past. Some people reach out and try to touch you when you walk by. Some people grab their loved ones. Some people just sit there and process it. Some people just are watching. It's quite a different energy from the beginning of the show, but by the end, the show affects every audience member in some way."

HAIR has been speaking to generations for years, but will only be Detroit for a short time this weekend. Performances are Saturday, March 2nd at 3pm and 8pm and Sunday, March 3rd at 1pm at the Fox Theatre. For more information or tickets visit, or

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