Student Blog: Working Part-Time - A Personal Reflection

How I've balanced a part-time job as a college student.

By: Jun. 11, 2024
Student Blog: Working Part-Time - A Personal Reflection
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It’s finally summer break! The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the vibes are immaculate. Most people see this as a time to relax and get a break from school (which is the case for me as well). However, summer vacation also brings other responsibilities. I still make time to have fun, but most of my days are spent working at my part-time job. I work at a retail store, and while it can get exhausting at times, I enjoy it overall. It’s taught me a lot about the professional world, and most importantly, about myself.

I’m a firm believer that having a part-time job is extremely important for character development. Not only does it add relevant experience to your resume, it teaches you many important skills that will be beneficial for the rest of your life. Time management, communication, and organization are just a few. I’ve learned a lot about how to approach customers, maintain professionalism, and cooperate with others. I feel like I have improved on my character as a result and feel more prepared to tackle professional issues both in my current position and in future endeavors as well. 

The hardest challenge I’ve faced while working is finding a balance. If I have work one day, I typically won’t make time to do fun activities that same day. After work, I tend to feel very physically exhausted, making it hard to gain motivation to do anything else. Even if I have tasks to do, such as writing blogs or working on personal projects, I struggle to manage my time, even though I have plenty before or after my shifts. Something I can do to battle this issue is make use of planning out my time. Whether that’s through a physical planner or an app, I can utilize my resources and create a schedule so I can still complete other tasks. 

Of course, I also need to make time for myself, which is super important. Work can be draining, especially if it’s extremely busy. It can be very stressful, which is why it’s important to take some time for myself to unwind. After my shifts, I usually eat a good meal, listen to music, and take a relaxing nap. Giving myself this time for self-care is not only healthy, but an asset in getting other tasks done because I’ll feel refreshed and prepared.

Overall, having a job may make it more difficult to manage my time and other projects, but the positives outweigh the negatives. I’m learning new skills while making some money to support my spending habits in college. I have made many great friends that make working more fun, and above all, I improve with each passing day. Even though it may be hard to get a job right now, I encourage students to not give up: it’s definitely worthwhile in the end.


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