Elm Shakespeare Company Receives $250,000 Contribution From Alexander Clark

This allows the company to provide significantly more programming than ever before, with professional performances as well as expanded educational offerings.

By: Feb. 05, 2024
Elm Shakespeare Company Receives $250,000 Contribution From Alexander Clark

In a landmark moment for the arts and community engagement, Elm Shakespeare Company has announced a $250,000 contribution from renowned philanthropist Alexander Clark, marking a new era of growth and innovation for the organization.

This generous donation, to be distributed over two years, marks a significant milestone in the company's ongoing mission to enrich lives and strengthen the Greater New Haven region's artistic and educational landscape by bringing people together through the plays of William Shakespeare. It allows the company to provide significantly more programming than ever before, with professional performances as well as expanded educational offerings.

"This is the perfect moment and we couldn’t be more grateful and excited! Alexander Clark's support comes at a pivotal moment for our company… it’s more than just financial generosity; it's a shared vision of community, connection, and the transformative power of the arts" said the Producing Artistic Director, Rebecca Goodheart. "This gift is an invitation to all: come join us, join Elm Shakespeare and share transcendent artistic experiences that value our diverse voices, empathetic curiosity, and the sheer

joy of coming together. It underscores the urgency and relevance of our mission—making now the perfect time for our community to engage more deeply, celebrate our collective humanity, and be part of something truly memorable."

Amid the challenges of the pandemic, Elm Shakespeare Company demonstrated remarkable resilience and innovation, courageously unfolding itself and expanding its programming rather than contracting. This bold approach is exemplified in Elm Shakespeare programs like "Building a Brave New Theatre," which, in its fifth year, is evolving into a hybrid event, blending in-person and virtual experiences for the

first time. This shift from its previous virtual-only format marks a significant milestone, showcasing the company's adaptability and commitment to accessibility. 

Alexander Clark's significant contribution is a vote of confidence in this growth, and celebrates the company's willingness to embrace risk and innovation, which is now bearing fruit through such impactful investments. Reflecting on this pivotal moment for Elm Shakespeare Company, the esteemed, retired Director of Development, Barbara Schaffer, emphasizes the significance of Alexander Clark's contribution, stating,

"Alexander Clark's transformative gift comes at a crucial juncture, reinforcing Elm Shakespeare Company's ambition to enrich its programmatic offerings and our commitment to accessibility and educational outreach."

“This gift enables us to embark on vital infrastructure investments,” states Board Chair, Andrew Forsyth. “It helps us ensure our systems and facilities evolve in tandem with our expanding programs. We are so pleased.”

Board member, Frank Mitchell added  “This is not just about achieving stability; it's a commitment to enhancing efficiency and deepening our engagement with the community. Through this support, we're poised to foster more frequent and meaningful connections, embodying the spirit of Elm Shakespeare Company."

At this transformative moment for Elm Shakespeare Company, bolstered by Alexander Clark's generous donation, the call to the community is clear and heartfelt. This is an invitation to engage with a vibrant cultural initiative that's reshaping the local arts scene.  By supporting Elm Shakespeare, individuals have a unique opportunity to contribute to a legacy of educational excellence and accessible theater. It's a call to action, not just to witness, but to actively participate in the growth and impact initiated by Clark's visionary investment.

For more information about Elm Shakespeare Company and its transformative programs, please visit www.elmshakespeare.org.