Off The Lane - Free Virtual NYC Mentorship Program

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COMPANY: Off the Lane
DATE POSTED: 5/15/2020
PHONE #: 2126861876
ADDRESS: 305 7th Ave. 17th Floor
New York , NY 10001

Listing Information: Off The Lane is excited to announce its new digital mentorship program designed to give artists everywhere a glimpse of life in the big apple. Based in New York City, the organization pairs trained mentors with soon to be, or recent college graduates, looking to take the next step in making their dreams come true.

The Mentorship Program is entirely free and connects dedicated working professionals in the artistic community with students from across the country. In a 30 minute digital session each week, professionals ranging from Broadway Actors, Casting Producers, Film/ TV Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and more, share their city experience with passionate students.

The goal of the program is to cover a wide variety of topics that set students up for success. Some of the content covered includes housing, transportation, resume building, and securing a side- hustle, to support artists while they audition and pursue their creative

Visit us online to apply today: