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Review: JOLENE: A DOLLY PARTON SONG CYCLE at Open Stage Of Harrisburg

Review: JOLENE: A DOLLY PARTON SONG CYCLE at Open Stage Of Harrisburg

A love letter to the first lady of country music

Who doesn't love Dolly Parton? Even those among us who aren't avid Country music fans, gotta love her for her charisma, her humility, her humor, and her philanthropy. Open Stage is currently sending out a love letter to the singer in their fine production of Jolene: A Dolly Parton Song Cycle.

A trio of gifted performers, Madison Eppley, Maggie Haynes, and Carly Lafferty bring equal amounts of sweetness and sass to this tribute concert. There were great renditions of the big hits like 9 to 5, Islands in the Stream, and the classic eponymous tune. There were also a number of more obscure songs that are unknown but appreciated by some of us in the crowd. A third section of songs could be categorized as "Huh, I didn't know she sang that one!" All three types seemed to be equally enjoyed by the opening night's sell-out crowd.

While there is no backstory, and very little talk in between numbers, the music is front and center. Accompanied by a talented band, and a few digital screens, this is an enjoyable night of entertainment.

The show runs now through September 18.


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Review: JOLENE: A DOLLY PARTON SONG CYCLE at Open Stage Of HarrisburgReview: JOLENE: A DOLLY PARTON SONG CYCLE at Open Stage Of Harrisburg
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