Review: CINDERELLA at Gamut Theatre's Young Acting Company

Gamut's Young Acting Company presents a classic tale.

By: Apr. 13, 2024
Review: CINDERELLA at Gamut Theatre's Young Acting Company
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The classic fairy tale Cinderella has captured the imaginations of millions of people, young and old, throughout the generations. It is a story that has evolved with each telling, and audiences can catch a fresh, new adaptation of this beloved story at Gamut Theatre Group this weekend only. The adaptation presented by their Young Acting Company is written by Harrisburg local Sean Adams and directed by Melissa Nicholson.

The play is immensely creative, combining delightfully comedic dialogue with emotional moments and, underlying everything, is the beautiful message that being kind and not judging others is more important than wealth, looks, and being proper. Audiences are sure to enjoy the dance choreography by Jessica Yahner, costumes by Stephanie Jones, and the fight choreography by Dan Burke. The entire production team, which also includes production stage manager Hannah Avcin-Roda, scene designer/technical director/props manager Janos Boon, sound designer Mike Banks, lighting designer Tristan Stasiulis, scenic painter Michael Bush, and assistant stage managers Carolina Nicholson and Jessica Yahner, presents a joy-filled production that matches the energy and enthusiasm of the cast.

Review: CINDERELLA at Gamut Theatre's Young Acting Company The cast is large, featuring actors from ages 6 through 18. The cast includes Abhinav Behura, Sophia Bhatt, Savannah Carlson, Avery Cohle, Nora Gaszi, Angeli Hoskote, Macy Kiker, Naomi Meyer, Sam Pfeifer-Winborn, Ayra Rajput, Rishi Shyam, Zoe Souders, Joy Swope, Charles Walker, Mason Whitmyer, Tessa Greene, Elena Chappell, Austin Tichenor, Julia Jones, Jane Halper, Kevin Sheedy, Katherine Gaston, Rachel Ludwick, Jane Halper, Leah Barnhart, Makenzie Grace, Rebecca Green, Kaira Noma, Etienne Hoskote, James Washburn, Chinmayee Ayyappan, Daniel Hutchins, Logan O’Donnell, Zemira Aviles, Trajan Tyree, Skylar Henriques, Richa Shyam, Isabella Cutuli, Lillian Weigand, Charles Walker, Georgia Bailey, Adelaide Weyant, Brooklyn Barr, Emery Brown, Vaishnavi Diwakar, Shambhavi Kulkarni, Eloris Lapadat, Kenza Noma, and Adam Bateman.

Every single one of these young actors brings something special to the stage. They know how to project and enunciate properly so that every audience member can hear and understand them, and they are phenomenal at staying in character every moment they are on stage. The amount of talent in these young folks is tremendous, and this reviewer cannot wait to see how they grow and develop in their craft over the years. The interactions between the characters feel so natural, it is easy to forget that they aren’t really sisters or cousins or best friends or parents.

Audiences will be amazed by so many things in this show—the tap dancing performed by Tessa Greene and Jane Halper as the magic horses, the scene changes executed adorablyReview: CINDERELLA at Gamut Theatre's Young Acting Company and hilariously by the Sprites Brooklyn Barr, Emery Brown, Vaishnavi Diwakar, Shambhavi Kulkarni, and Eloris Lapadat, the hilarious party pantomime by Adam Bateman and Kenza Noma as Pog/Punch and Julep/Judy, the tremendous comedic timing of James Washburn and Etienne Hoskote as Bernard and Jerome as well as Zemira Aviles and Logan O’Donnell as Queen and King, the over the top snootiness of Lillian Weigand, Sophia Bhatt, and Naomi Meyer as Stepmother, Young Marie, and Young Charlotte, and the heartwarming interactions between Joy Swope, Charles Walker, and Macy Kiker as Young Charlotte, Father, and Mother.

For this reviewer, in the midst of all of this wonderful talent, 8 performances really stood out as being quite exceptional. Trajan Tyree’s performance as Prince Remy is smooth and heartfelt—the audience can feel his frustration at being rushed into marriage, his desperation to find true love, and his ease at speaking with Ella—an ease he doesn’t experience with anyone else. Skylar Henriques embodies Cinderella beautifully. Her interactions with Stepmother, Marie, and Charlotte as well as with Prince Remy demonstrate a deep understanding of the complexities of Ella’s situation and emotions. Isabella Cutuli and Richa Shyam are wonderful in their roles as Charlotte and Marie, and the audience will feel like cheering when they both stand up to their mother in order to help Ella. Daniel Hutchins plays Johann, who turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His accent work is terrific, and he is perfectly poised and regal, seeing no issues with his duplicitousness. His assistant Schmidt, portrayed by Chinmayee Ayyappan, is an audience favorite. Ayyappan’s expressions, posture, and movements are carefully crafted for this role, and it is a joy to watch. Georgia Bailey and Adelaide Weyant take on the roles of Godmother and Ivy, and they easily steal the spotlight with their stage presence as they tell the story of Cinderella.

Review: CINDERELLA at Gamut Theatre's Young Acting Company In a world that too often seems dominated by technology, politics, fear, and division, to see a diverse group of young performers bringing a classic fairy tale to life with such joy and passion is inspiring and heartwarming. Tickets are selling fast, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to see Cinderella at Gamut Theatre Group. Visit the button below for more information.

Photo Credit: John Bivins


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