Review: ALL MY SONS at The Belmont Theatre

The productions run through April 2nd

Review: SHEAR MADNESS at Fulton Theatre

A powerful performance, of a tragic and intense story, left audience members agasp at The Belmont Theatre.

Based on the 1940s true story of defective airplane parts causing the death of twenty-one soldiers, Arthur Miller's All My Sons tells an emotional tale of corruption and betrayal. Set in the backyard of Joe Keller, the owner of the manufacturing company and exonerated partner in the scandal, theater goers are treated to a quaint 1940's patio setting complete with a cozy porch swing designed and executed beautifully by Jack Hartman, Dan Griffin, and Joel Persing (with help from Rene Staub and Matty Vasquez).

The story sends viewers on a roller coaster of emotions; rooting for a character one minute and hating them the next. To pull this off requires not only talented actors, but performers who can play off one another. If there is one star in this show, it is the chemistry that the four main characters ignite on stage. Jack Hartman's Joe is a wonderful loving father/grandfatherly character who you can't help but love. This, however, would not be as powerful if it were not for his interactions and strong connection with David Kloser playing his son Chris. Kloser perfectly portrays a son struggling to become his own man and fight for what he believes. While Kloser's connection with Hartman's character is best described as intense, audience members experience a loving and compassionate connection between Kloser's Chris and Joan Crooks' portrayal of Chris' mother Kate. Crooks' range of emotion and delivery work beautifully as her character serves as the linchpin of this group. Bringing joy, naivete, and a bit of added mystery is Ann Deever played by Kayla Nicholas. Together, the four main characters are a remarkable team.

The show's supporting cast landed many funny lines and special moments as well. It is hard not to adore Emmet Duncan's portrayal of the pesky neighbor kid, Bert, or the cute couple who live next door (Josh Hamme and Christen Demnitz). Patrick Casey and Andrea Stephenson (playing the other married neighbors) worked beautifully together providing much needed comic relief while Jeremy Slagle's George built drama and suspense.

Only four more shows!!! This is a production you don't want to miss. For more information about this and other shows at The Belmont Theatre visit:

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