Intergalactic Space Rock Musical HEADEYE Premieres at Touchstone

Performances run February 29 through March 10 in Touchstone's 75-seat theatre in Southside Bethlehem.

By: Feb. 02, 2024
Intergalactic Space Rock Musical HEADEYE Premieres at Touchstone

Touchstone Theatre, the region's only ensemble-based theatre, presents HeadEye: The Musical – a new original play that brings to life the psychedelic music of Jason E.R. Hedrington. Part  classic Broadway musical, part titillating burlesque show, and part puppet-filled love story wrapped up in a rollicking space adventure, HeadEye: The Musicalperforms February 29 through March 10 in Touchstone's 75-seat theatre in Southside Bethlehem.


This mind-bending musical mission through intergalactic space follows the misadventures of Tralfamadorian space ace, HeadEye, and his intrepid interplanetary crew. Trip along with them as they face daring exploits, dastardly villains, dramatic thrills, and perhaps the most terrifying thing of all – love.


Four years ago, Jason E.R. Hedrington released his solo album EARTH GIRLS under the moniker “HeadEye”. Inspired by other thematic concept albums like Pink Floyd's The Wall, he constructed it as if it were a musical, featuring a cast of lovable intergalactic characters. The album follows the “Romeo and Juliet”-style exploits of HeadEye, a one-eyed alien stationed on Earth to observe human culture. Throughout his time on our planet, HeadEye explores what it means to be human, including the ups and downs that come from experiencing love - an emotion forbidden on his home planet.


Touchstone Theatre's Artistic Director Jp Jordan and Ensemble Member Christopher Shorr immediately fell in love with the album and set out to transform it into a full-fledged musical, with the traditional Touchstone twist. “It's going to be a wild ride, and an experience our audience has never had before,” says Christopher. “We're bringing Jason's characters and music to life with more technical elements than typical Touchstone shows - a bigger set, more complex lighting, integrated video, and outlandish costumes. It's full of terrific music and theatrical surprises that will have folks humming and giggling all the way home!”


This intergalactic space rock musical follows evolved animal races and stoned robots as they explore not only the galaxy, but the very meaning of love and life itself. Featuring fantastical puppets, saucy dance numbers, and a lot of heart, HeadEye is a theatrical experience audiences won't want to miss. “If you were/are a fan of The Pan Show, Bhudoo, Dictators for Dummies, or even Follies (but think more adult!) you should feel right at home with HeadEye: The Musical,” says co-writer Jp Jordan. “It's Touchstone's comedic sensibilities and imagination firing on all cylinders."


Due to some sexual content and explicit references to drug use, it might be better to leave the kiddos at home for this one. This is a show for grown-ups who are young at heart but still enjoy some risque adult humor.


Touchstone's season is supported locally by season sponsor Astound. WDIY and Lehigh Valley with Love provide media sponsorship, and Working Dog Press provides print sponsorship. Touchstone also receives support from the Pennsylvania Council on the Artsand the National Endowment for the Arts.  HeadEye: The Musical runs from February 29 through March 10, 2024. Shows begin at 8pm Thursday through Saturday, and at 2pm on Sundays. Tickets are $25, with $15 tickets for students/seniors. On Thursdays, Touchstone offers a pay-what-you-will ticket option at the door, as available, allowing walkup patrons to name their own ticket price. Group rates are available upon request. Tickets are available at 610.867.1689 or online at