Photo Coverage: Marilyn Maye Opens at The Metropolitan Room

Singer Marilyn Maye opened her new show "A Tribute to Johnny Carson" at the Metropolitan Room on November 7 at 7:30PM.

Maye appeared on Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show" more than any other singer; a total of 76 times! In this performance, Maye gives a musical salute as well as a compilation featuring the many songs she performed on "The Tonight Show" including Johnny's favorite "Here's That Rainy Day."

Show times are November 8 at 7:30PM; November 11 at 7PM & 9:30PM; November 12 at 7PM; November 15 at 7:30PM; November 16 at 7:30PM, November 17 at 7:30PM; November 18 at 7PM & 9:30PM; and November 19 at 7PM.

The Metropolitan Room is located at 34 West 22nd, New York. For reservations call 212-206-0440.

Photos by Mark Rupp

Marilyn Maye

Marilyn Maye and Bette Midler

Marilyn Maye and Harvey Evans

Marilyn Maye and Harvey Evans

Marilyn Michaels and Marilyn Maye

Marilyn Michaels, Marilyn Maye and Harvey Evans

Steve Sorokoff, Marilyn Michaels and Kristi Tucker (Maye's daughter)

Marilyn Maye and Mark Sendroff

Marilyn Maye and The Amazing Kreskin

Marilyn Maye and The Amazing Kreskin

Marc Shaiman, Marilyn Maye and Scott Whitman

Marc Shaiman and Marilyn Maye

Marilyn Maye and The Manhattan Transfer's Laurel Masse

Maude Maggart and Marilyn Maye

Maude Maggart, Marilyn Maye and Michael Katscobashvilli

Marilyn Maye and Baby Jane Dexter

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