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Joes Pub Adds Amber Rubarth, Isengart & the Diplomats

Joe's Pub at The Public Theater debuted in October 1998 and has quickly became one of New York City's most celebrated and in-demand showcase venues for live music and performance. With its genre-blind booking and vast diversity of interests, the stage at Joe's Pub gives voice to a world of varied and stellar artists.


Friday, October 22 at 11:30 PM; $12

Most recognized for being an integral part of the 2008 Hercules & Love Affair debut album and world tour as well as currently fronting the sexy new dance/pop band Jessica 6 whose debut full length is due in early 2011 , singer/songwriter Nomi Ruiz takes another break from the dance floor and steps back to her roots once again with a special return engagement to Joe's Pub during the CMJ Music Conference to perform songs from her solo album project 'Borough Gypsy' The last show at Joes in the summer was so much fun that this return was in order for those who asked and may have missed this rare solo performance.

Born and raised in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York, side by side with the rebellious growth of Hip-Hop, Nomi began composing songs around Hip-Hop heavy street samples at the age of 12. Her deep dreamy vocals and personal lyrical content found refuge in these raw arrangements, creating a unique brand of soul music. After the self-release of her debut album 'Lost In Lust', which was compared to a union between Sade on vocals and Wu-Tang Clans The Rza on beats, she has grown to be a par of a movement of artists who are changing the landscape of contemporary music.

Nomi has recently appeared in the Women In Music issue of Elle Magazine and as the center fold of The Last Magazine draped in the latest Yves St Laurent collection. She has also been featured on Arte's Tracks, received full page features in Vice, Mass Appeal and NY Press, appeared twice on NPR's 'Spinning On Air', and toured the world extensively with Hercules & Love Affair, Cocorosie, Debbie Harry and with Antony & The Johnsons as part of the multi media masterpiece 'Turning' where her image was used on the limited edition vinyl record, tour shirt and commemorative program.

Nomi will be performing with a full 10 piece band that will include: Morgan Wiley: piano/keys, Ben Tyree: guitar, Jim Orso: drums, Marlan Barry: Cello, Andrew Frawley: percussion, Phil Rodriguez: trumpet, Julio Monterrey: saxophone, and Kevin Farrell: bass.

Presented by walterworldwide and built by Meanred

OCT 24-27

Brian Charles Rooney

Sunday, October 24 at 7:30; $20

Are there really any hard and fast rules when it comes to cabaret? If so, who made them? And why should we follow them!? An award-winning, rule-breaking performer with a multi-octave voice like no other, Brian Charles Rooney humorously challenges notions you might have about cabaret, wielding a unique voice suffering from an entertaining case of multiple personality disorder!

"When music theatre performers try to rock out, I very often look away with a cringe: the results are usually as authentic as a Donny and Marie salute to Motown. But Brian Charles Rooney is a fantastic exception to the showtune singers can't rock rule... In a word: fun." -- Patrick Lee,

"Brian Charles Rooney is simply sensational in a thinly veiled take on Celine Dion. No stranger to drag, Rooney -- who sang Lucy Brown in a glorious countertenor in Roundabout's recent Threepenny Opera -- showcases more of his dazzling range, accented with the obligatory French-Canadian and a series of droll vocal stylings." -- Adam Perlman,

"Special mention should be made of Brian Charles Rooney as Candy, who sings at times like a woman, at times like a man, and at times like a man singing like a woman, depending on what is required; as our Mistress of Ceremonies, Candy's role is pivotal and, it seems to me, could benefit from more play as a glamour queen?-the bridge between Judy Garland and David Bowie, as it were, a new Sally Bowles for a different time." -- Donald Brown, New Haven Review


Sunday, October 24 at 9:30 PM; $15 in advance / $20 at the door

Billy Hough and Susan Goldberg bring their East Coast Halloween Massacre Tour to Joe's Pub on Sunday October 24th at 9:30 PM. Following their triumphant debut at Joe's in April they return with all the sex, drugs, rock-n-roll New York has come to expect from the dirty duo. After a sold out summer at Enzo's in Provincetown, they hit the road with a riotous new show for Halloween. They will be featuring songs with hellish origins from the Dead Kennedys, the New York Dolls, Lou Reed and more. They are also travelling with the short films of the late cult-hero Joe Kelly, including Skull Fuck, Shit Fit, and the New York City Premiere of AIDS, DARLING. They will also perform with the original line-up of punk mavens the GARAGEDOGS, featuring Paul Hough on drums and Matt Hough on guitar. This drug-addled satanic carnival is not for children.


Monday, October 25 at 7:30 PM; $15

"Tammy Faye Starlite is a genius" - The Onion

Inspired by the economic depression, the same sort of fearful political clime that led o the rise of the Third Reich, the downtown provacatuese, Tammy Faye Starlite, will portray the sublimely Teutonic, glamorously decadent Velvet Underground chanteuse, Nico (nee Christa Paffgen) in a dark, Weimar-cum Warhol Kabaret Konzert, and will sing some of Nico's most beloved lieder, such as "Femme Fatale," All Tomorrow's Parties," "I'll Be Your Mirror" as well as Nico's classic covers of such classic tunes as David Bowie's "Heroes, Rogers and Hart's "My Funny Valentine, "Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine," The Doors' "The End, and she'll finish with a rousing finale of "Deutschland Uber Alles" (in German, of course). It will be a crystalline multi-media nacht to remember, with dreamlike reminiscences about Lou Reed (and Jews in general), Andy Warhol and Alain Delon. Nico was, and remains, a heroin(e) and emblem for these dark days of civil unrest and our inherent fascination with the sybaritic self-destruction and the willful deconstruction of beauty.

Directed by Michael Schiralli; musical director is Keith Hartel (True Love, the Richard Lloyd group).


Monday, October 25 at 9:30 PM; $12 in advance / $15 at the door

Take the timelessness of Patsy Cline. Mix in the insatiable curiosity of Socrates. Give it an edge, a roughness, refined in the spirit but raw in the performance, like someone singing in the shower. You'll start to have an idea of what makes up Amber Rubarth.

At 17-years old ambeR moved to Nevada to become a wood sculptor. 3 years later the head instructor told her the most important thing he had learned was for a person to follow their number one passion. ambeR said "Thank you, then I am quitting and doing music," and off she went, trading her chainsaw for a guitar.

She began touring, and people took notice. Hollywood's music magazine MUSIC CONNECTION voted her in their HOT 100 ARTISTS. Her debut CD was named TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR (alongside Kanye West & Alicia Keys) by the Owl Mag. NPR loved her "honesty and humor." Her musical hero Tom Waits helped choose "Washing Day" (co-written with Adam Levy of Norah Jones' Band) as 1ST PLACE in the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING COMPETITION for Lyrics. And her songs have generated OVER 1.3 MILLION PLAYS ON MYSPACE.

Andi Almqvist is a restless soul. This colors his music. With his new record he has found his way home. But then we must remember that home for Andi doesn't mean secure and well-known surroundings. His home ground is the beer-halls in Brno, the gypsy blocks of Krumlov, the all-night low dives along the autobahn in Germany, the bars and koffieshops in Amsterdam.

"Glimmer" reflects all this. Andi's earlier experiences of the American soil are still part of his baggage, but his European identity is stronger than ever, both in the lyrics and the music. "Glimmer" is produced by Andi Almqvist and Carl Granberg. Together they have created a remarkable soundscape, that awakes the listener's curiosity and explorer's delight. The music defies without being pushy or uncomfortable.


Tuesday, October 26 at 10:00 PM; $20

"The slick, sharp-cheeked German singer Isengart goes for a strange balance between sexual exhibitionism and continental archness - he's like a hustler striking Marlene Dietrich poses in an Amsterdam window." - Time out New York

"Melding burlesque raunch with old-world supper-club glamour" - New York Magazine

The creator and host of Foreign Affairs Cabaret is coming to Joe's Pub, backed by a terrific six-piece band.

Isengart, a New York-based performer known for his wistful renditions of vintage German and French songs, charts new territory in this concert exploring the myth and tragedy of America's great Rock and Roll icon.

Not your typical Elvis tribute, The Importance of Being Elvis is a witty exploration of the drama lurking behind every entertainer's secret desire to be "king", presented through an eclectic array of songs taken from Indie Rock, Continental Chanson and New Wave Pop as well as a selection of Presley favorites.

Conceived by Isengart

Directed by Julie Atlas Muz

Musical Direction by David A. Berger

The Diplomats are:

David A. Berger (Drums); Daniel Mintseris (Piano, Keyboard); Yair Evnine (Guitar & Cello); Michael O'Brien (Upright & Electric Bass) Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen (Trombone); Russell Moore (Trumpet).

Wednesdays, October 27at 7:30 PM & December 1 at 7:00 PM

"Heartbreakingly real, hilariously relatable" - Jane Borden, Time Out NY, Critic's Pick

"Real tragedy and painful humor... like a Beckett character" - Justin Boyd, The Brooklyn Rail

Fresh out of a less-than-fulfilling relationship, Michelle "Shells" Hoffman is ready to shed her 9-to-5 facade and convince her ex that she is more than just a successful JP Morgan Senior Analyst. Hopping from hilarious original songs to tales of the "rough" life, Shells feverishly attempts to convince her audience and her ex that she is finally "over it." Armed with a glass of Shiraz and a penchant for drunk-dialing the one person she should not, Shells demonstrates that the fabulous Sex And The City life she thinks she is living and the life she actually leads are two very different things. Hilarious, engaging and ultimately quite poignant, SHELLS leaves audience members cringing and saying, "I know her," or worse, "I am her!" $15


Wednesday, October 27 at 9:30 PM; $20

Our Hit Parade is a live top-ten countdown show created by Tony nominee and Obie winner Kenny Mellman (Kiki & Herb), carnal chanteuse Bridget Everett (At Least It's Pink at Ars Nova), pop song opera impresario Neal Medlyn (Neal Medlyn's Unpronounceable Symbol at P.S. 122), producer and MTV cameraman Brendan Kennedy, and writers Ada Calhoun and Peter Schjeldahl. The show is inspired by the musical sketch series "Your Hit Parade" that ran on radio and then television from 1935 to 1959. On that show, cast members performed the week's most popular songs as comically literal skits. In this show, the hosts and special guest stars from the local performance scene present their renditions of current popular hits live on stage!


Online at

Phone 212-967-7555,

In Person At The Public Theater Box Office (1 PM to 6 PM), or at the Joe's Pub Box Office from (6 PM to 10 PM) both located at 425 Lafayette Street, NYC

For table reservations please call 212-539-8778. Purchase of tickets does NOT guarantee a table reservation; you must call to reserve seats. Seating, as well as standing-room, is available only on a first-come, first-served basis for all shows without a dinner reservation. Two drink or $12 food minimum per person is standard.

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