Interview: The trio behind GIMLICK'S BIG MESS Are About to Get Wacky at Brooklyn Comedy Collective

Sketch comedy trio Gimlick is performing at Brooklyn Comedy Collective in Williamsburg on Sunday February 4th, 2024.

By: Feb. 01, 2024
Interview: The trio behind GIMLICK'S BIG MESS Are About to Get Wacky at Brooklyn Comedy Collective

Interview: The trio behind GIMLICK'S BIG MESS Are About to Get Wacky at Brooklyn Comedy Collective

Sketch comedy team GIMLICK is back at Brooklyn Comedy Collective in Williamsburg. The trio specializes in absurd comedy with plenty of sight gags and clever, wacky jokes. I spoke with Gimlick's members (Kate Armstrong, Irene Rising, and Marisa Caruso) about their upcoming show this Sunday, February 4th, at BCC.


RK: Tell me a bit about your upcoming show at Brooklyn Comedy Collective

 MC: We’ll be performing an original hour-long sketch show filled with wacky surreal scenarios and occasional meta interactive elements. We toe the line between tight comedy and slight chaos. That’s why it’s called Gimlick’s Big Mess!

IR: I’d describe it as an expansion of things we especially loved about our first show! We kept a lot of what worked and flowed well and added some new material that further stretches what makes us unique.

KA: It’s an update on our previous show, with about a third of it replaced with new sketches. Some of our tried and true, and some new chaos to throw at people. 

RK: Where did the idea for Gimlick come from, and when did the three of you start working together?

KA: We all went to SUNY Fredonia for Acting and met on the school’s improv team Random Acts. We reconnected after graduating to do some more improv for a comedy show that Marisa organized. We played a scene in rehearsal where Irene was this hilarious bumbling servant character named Gimlick and we were all dying laughing. We loved Gimlick so much we named our collective after it.

IR: Kate summed it up perfectly! I’d say we’ve stayed such close friends and collaborators because we intrinsically know what our strengths are, and we really prioritize “making each other look good.” We celebrate what makes each of us weird. 

RK: As a group, you tend to work with a lot of fun props and set pieces. Without giving too much away, can you give us a teaser of something that was fun to make for this show so far?

MC: I have particularly enjoyed facing scenic challenges with my long-neglected crafting skills. My mother was an artist and conveniently a Michael’s (craft store) employee, so I learned to sew and make things at an early age. We basically have a 2-dimensional aesthetic right now so cardboard is our predominant building material. It keeps things cheap and cartoony in the most fun DIY way. I recently figured out how to make a wearable foot.

IR: I have to give the biggest props [laughs] in the world to Kate and Marisa, who have incredible artistry and abilities in this area. I, on the other hand, made a heinous sign for our sketch “Channel Bobeesa News” and immediately retired from helping. 

KA: I’m currently in the process of crafting a headstone out of a pizza box and I can’t wait for when it’s finished! Making the props is definitely part of the fun for me.

RK: Besides your own sketches, of course, what's some other stuff that's making you laugh right now?

MC: I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson and anything The Onion publishes!

IR: Avantika in the new Mean Girls movie.

KA: Irene and I just rewatched the movie Theater Camp and that makes me laugh every time. Theater people can be really good at making fun of themselves.

RK: If you could ask yourselves one question that I haven't asked yet and answer it, what would it be? 

MC: What makes Gimlick special? I think it would be our longstanding relationships and how much we enjoy making each other laugh as much as anyone else.

IR: My question of choice would be “What do you especially love about your fellow members?” and I would say Marisa’s mind, specifically when it comes to writing intricate and hilarious characters and plot points, and Kate’s prowess with physical comedy and astounding prop design.

KA: No question, but I just want to add that we love the BCC and we’re so excited to be working with them again!

You can get tickets to Gimlick's Big Mess online here. Follow Gimlick on Instagram @GimlickComedy.