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BWW Review: Meghan Murphy ADVENTURES FROM A BROAD Takes Armchair Travelers On A Wild Ride

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BWW Review: Meghan Murphy ADVENTURES FROM A BROAD Takes Armchair Travelers On A Wild Ride

Remember the old days when people would invite you over to look at the slides from their vacation? Ok... we'll try that again. People over 40: remember the old days when people would invite you over to look at the slides from their vacation? How about home movies, does everyone remember those? Remember how boring it was? Well, Meghan Murphy is inviting everyone to look at her vacation pics and home movies but it is anything but boring. Try it in all caps: ANYTHING but boring.

Meghan Murphy, also known as Big Red, has one of the best jobs ever - she travels the world, singing for her supper. Much of her year is spent on cruise ships that take her to far corners of the globe that many of us will never get to see. Not everyone has a life that is conducive to travel. People have families, people have demanding jobs, people live in lower-income brackets, people are afraid of airplanes or of the ocean - it's anyone's guess why an individual doesn't travel. It doesn't mean they don't want to see the sights of the world, and Ms. Murphy is certainly more than happy to bring those sights to people whose interest is piqued, but not enough to make the physical journey themselves.

And, dudes, when Meghan Murphy does something she does it with style.

Adventures From A Broad is Meghan Murphy's latest creation, something she has had plenty of time to work on while sheltering in place. While traveling the high seas, Big Red always takes advantage of the opportunity to leave the ship and go ashore so that she can fully absorb the local color and customs. Always game for an adventure, Murphy makes sure she takes lots of photos and shoots many videos. Those pictures and films have created for her a travel diary that she has edited into a 20 (ish) minute episode that displays not only the breathtaking scenery and fascinating people of the country she visits, but her life as a traveling performer. Described by Big Red as "part travel, part cabaret performance, all fabulous," ADVENTURES FROM A BROAD satisfies in the extreme. Viewers will find themselves smiling continually as Meghan shows the sights and the people while providing an incredible narrative worthy of a television travel show. What makes the storytelling so special is a perfect blending of travel facts that aren't the least bit mundane, and Big Red's writing, which is more entertaining and original as some dialogue heard on some more established travel shows one might see. Ms. Murphy is a woman who knows how to enjoy life, how to find the fun, and how to embrace adventure, all of which comes across in every minute of episode one, set in Zanzibar.

Big Red narrates her journey with appropriate musical underscoring and good grammar, not to mention a few rather poetic descriptions of the scenery and the people of Zanzibar. She captures, to perfection, the people she encounters, especially her self-appointed guide, fellow tourists, and locals determined to show her a good time; this is achieved through more than her outgoing narrative because Murphy, it is abundantly clear, is a heck of a photographer and videographer. Her tours of Prison Island, fish and spice markets, and Freddie Mercury's house (yeah, that's right) are mini-adventures captured in mere minutes of the show - just enough to make viewers happy they are watching and not enough to cause them to look into the next room to see what the family is doing. Animal lovers will adore Big Red's visit with some giant Aldabra Tortoises, club kids will love the light show and music when she boogies at a local disco, and cabaret devotees will thrill to Megan's performance highlights, interspersed throughout the travel-log. It's a travel show with something for everyone, not the least of which is a divine hostess who makes you laugh and smile and then, out of nowhere, hits you with philosophies on human nature and how best to live life.

Adventures From A Broad may have started as Meghan Murphy's response to being under quarantine, it might have been (seamlessly) edited by Murphy from her travel pics and vids (courtesy of cameraman Josh Palmer), but it is a project with legs, one that Murphy should definitely continue to produce, even when quarantine is over and she has gone back to her full-time gig of singing. Adventures From A Broad is a visual exploit that many will want to take, and wherever Ms. Murphy's travels take her, she is just the tour guide to bring those people along.

Adventures From A Broad, Zanzibar is one of several videos that can be seen on Meghan Murphy's Youtube page HERE; all episodes of Adventures From A Broad will be released on Meghan Murphy's Patreon page HERE

See Meghan Murphy online at her website HERE

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