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BWW Interview: SO NOW YOU KNOW with Susie Mosher

An interview with the Broadway performer and host of THE LINEUP, Susie Mosher.

BWW Interview: SO NOW YOU KNOW with Susie Mosher

Thoroughly exhilarating. That is how I would describe Susie Mosher. If you've ever been in the audience for THE LINEUP in the Birdland Theater, you know that there will NOT be a dull moment on that stage all night, certainly not if Susie has anything to do with it!

Talk about a bombastic and confident host and performer! Susie hits the stage at 90 miles per hour. One of the nights that Corinna and I were in the audience, Susie had this hilarious bit that she turned into a song where she convinced almost every performer in the cast that night to kiss her on the mouth. Clearly, this was pre-covid!

Susie's lead-in monologue and version of "Cry Me A River" at the 2019 Cabaret Convention stole the show that night. Her on-stage persona is pure comedic genius peppered with a strong and well-polished singing voice.BWW Interview: SO NOW YOU KNOW with Susie Mosher

Susie's latest installment, for those who might not know, is an adorable baby son named Hudson who was born at the beginning of the pandemic. In typical Susie fashion, she wrote a song called "The Changing Table" and posted it to YouTube. Soon, everyone was covering the song and posting videos to Facebook and YouTube #thechangingtable. Shows how much everyone loves Susie and can't get enough of NY's newest star, Hudson.

Not sure quite when THE LINEUP will return to the stage, but I know I'll be in the audience when it does!

NA: What has this business given you and what has it taken away?

SM: Being driven by the wicked urge to entertain is both wonderful and terrible. There is nothing that makes me higher than being in the groove on stage, the music, the lights, the audience. It's like no other experience and it is truly addicting. I have been performing most of my life and it is integral to my sense of self. It's who I am. The relationships made with people you create with are sacred. Most of my dearest friends are also collaborators, it like a magic circle and we all understand each other on and off stage.

The things my career takes from me have to do with the incredible ups and downs. Rejection is deadly, it chips away at your confidence and that's what you need more than anything to be able to perform. Belief in yourself is essential, and lots of rejection makes that difficult. I have had many self-loathing, depressed times and had to dig myself out. For me, that is what is taken, but then it does seem to get put back.

BWW Interview: SO NOW YOU KNOW with Susie Mosher
Susie with Deborah Lynn, Marilyn Maye, and Susie Clausen

NA: What is the hour like before you go on stage?

SM: Before I go on stage I am always nervous. I run lines and bounce off walls, I jump up and down and sing scales. My energy is all over the place but somehow I get focused and lock in, usually as I'm making my entrance.

NA: If you could experience one performance over again, which one would it be and why?

SM: I would love to do my opening night in Hairspray on Broadway again. I was so tweaked with nerves that I made some ridiculous mistakes and even missed my vocal entrance in the scat section of Big Doll House. After the show, I threw myself on the associate director, my now dear friend Matt Lenz, and apologized profusely. He looked and me and said, "don't worry about it, you will get it right tomorrow". That kindness was all I needed to nail it the next show, but I would love to get it right the first time.

BWW Interview: SO NOW YOU KNOW with Susie Mosher
The cast of HAIRSPRAY

NA: What are you most proud of?

SM: I'm proud that for my whole adult life I have made my living performing. It's an endurance race, with lots of side jobs and detours, and I am proud to still be here, doing my thing.

NA: When was your first performance in public and what did you sing?

SM: I guess my first performances were in my living room, prancing around singing and dancing for my parents' friends. My first professional job was when I was sixteen, the West Coast Premiere of Godspell at The Old Globe. I was Gilmer, I sang Learn your Lessons Well.

NA: You grew up in San Diego. Besides the amazing weather, what do you miss most about that area?

SM: San Diego was never my idea of home. The city revolves around physicality, sports, the beach, built-in pools. I was overweight and self-conscious, I didn't like being in a bathing suit and the beach was just too much sand everywhere. I felt out of place.

I did do lots of theater there though, several world-class theaters are in San Diego, so I was able to find my tribe there eventually.

NA: What is your favorite memory of performing in Hairspray on Broadway?

SM: Performing the finale of Hairspray is the most joyous, magical experience I've ever had on stage. It was ecstatic every night.

BWW Interview: SO NOW YOU KNOW with Susie Mosher
Susie with Julie Halston and Jim Caruso

NA: How did The Lineup start?

SM: The Lineup happened because my old friend Jim Caruso asked if I wanted to do something in the new BIRDLAND Theater that was nearing complication downstairs from BIRDLAND Proper. I had hosted a similar show at 54 Below and realized I loved the format of me with several guests. I jumped at the chance and worked hard to get terrific people and it became successful. I could be happy doing it for the rest of my life.

BWW Interview: SO NOW YOU KNOW with Susie Mosher
Susie with wife Hope Royaltey and son, Hudson

NA: You have an amazingly adorable baby son, Hudson. How has he changed your life as a performer?

SM: Well Hudson was born on March 11th, right at the beginning of the pandemic, so I don't know how having him has impacted my performing. My wife Hope and I have been given the incredible gift of spending all of COVID locked in with our baby boy, and truthfully it's been great. I will say my "career" seems a lot less important now, it's all about the kid's well being. As I write this he is asleep next to me, soon it's time for his dinner and it's his schedule that is what I am all about these days.

NA: What creative element are you working on now?

SM: I have my sights set on when it's safe to again do THE LINEUP, I had several jobs canceled because of COVID that are back on for 2021, and I'm keeping an open mind about the next creative chapter. So much has changed for us all this year, and I believe some things will have changed for the better.

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