Feature: Isolation Creation Continues With Works From Sally Mayes, Kate Jetmore, Sarah Routh And Others

By: Jun. 08, 2020

Feature: Isolation Creation Continues With Works From Sally Mayes, Kate Jetmore, Sarah Routh And Others

As the city of New York and other points in the United States reach the three-month mark of living under quarantine, one might think that being used to isolation, settling in to the routine, people would let slide the enormous release of online content created to inspire and entertain, to lift spirits and provide guidance. The answer is, clearly, why would we stop? Artists are making more music videos in creative ways, entertainers are performing in regularly scheduled streaming concerts, mentors are teaching online, and protestors are speaking out. Until some solution has been found that will allow entertainers and audiences to populate performance venues, the members of the show business community will continue to release new works for their fans and for the people who will become fans. Here is some of the Isolation Creation to come out of the few weeks.


Sarah Routh is a Des Moines Iowa based singer-songwriter who was once a working member of the New York entertainment community. The wife and mother was so moved by the George Floyd murder and the protests that she composed "George" and posted it on her Facebook page. The video has almost nine thousand views.

Feature: Isolation Creation Continues With Works From Sally Mayes, Kate Jetmore, Sarah Routh And Others


This morning I sat at my piano and this poured out. an apology to my Black and Brown friends. I am sorry.

Click HERE to see GEORGE

Sarah Routh WEBSITE

Scott Evan Davis is a renowned songwriter living and working in Manhattan. Early on in the pandemic, Davis created a music video via remote with jazz singer Nicolas King. So happy with the results was he that he created two more. The first, "Save Me The Rose" is performed by Tony Award nominee Sally Mayes.

Happy Monday!
I've had the pleasure of working with Sally Mayes quite a few times, and each time makes me respect her craft more.
Here is a virtual collaboration of my song "Save Me the Rose", between Sally, myself, and hands down my favorite cellist, (who also arranged this cello line) James Clark. I'm playing an arrangement by the brilliant David Snyder.
Video edited by yours truly.

Every day it feels like the rug has been lifted from underneath us, for one reason or another, and taking time to collaborate with friends is getting me through.

I would rather fill feeds with music than angst, even though it's what I feel most of the time.
Here is a youtube link also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUrG5SkDJe0

Hope you enjoy.
And yes, that is Barbra Streisand watching over me in the background. As it should be.
Check out other collaborations at www.scottevandavis.com


Scott Evan Davis joined forces with Willem Butler for his second recent online offering, "Next":

I've been feeling the whole "what now" feeling a lot lately.
What's interesting is that I kept going back to a song I wrote that sort of deals with that question.
I'm very excited to share a collaboration with an artist I've admired for a while but because of distance, never got to work with.
But, these days, that's not really a barrier.
So, here is my song NEXT performed and edited by the fantastic Willem Butler, who, when this whole thing blows over, will no doubt be a star.

"This time I won't fall too far, if I allow...what happens next...to be what happens next......so what happens next....is now".

As always, beautiful arrangement by David Snyder


Michael Holland is an esteemed singer-songwriter who works alongside some of the best singers in the business. He has been diligently working to create during quarantine and, as one of the best, naturally, he only works with the best, that's why his video includes many recognizable faces from the cabaret community.

HEY, ALL THE PEOPLE! As things tentatively start to get moving again, here comes another postcard from lockdown. Jenn Rose really knocked herself out on this one - as did Carl Carter, Thad DeBrock, and Don Kelly! Please to enjoy - and be careful in the weeks/months ahead. Stay safe and be smart, everybody!
Or, y'know, be all stupid in my videos. Your choice.


The Broadway Princess Party is a worldwide phenomenon, bringing happiness, joy, and inspiration to people everywhere. The three main princesses, Susan Egan, Laura Osness and Courtney Reed joined the incomparable Fairy Godfairy Benjamin Rauhala to create the music video for "A Million Dreams" and it has gone (with apologies) viral.

Tony Award nominee Susan Egan (Broadway's original 'Belle' in "Beauty and the Beast," the voice of 'Megara' in Disney's animated film "Hercules"), two-time Tony Award nominee Laura Osnes (Broadway's original "Cinderella," star of "Bandstand," "Bonnie and Clyde"), and Grammy nominee Courtney Reed (Broadway's original 'Jasmine' in "Aladdin," star of "Cambodian Rock Band," "In The Heights") sing "A MILLION DREAMS," from "The Greatest Showman," with music by Justin Paul, and lyrics by Benj Pasek.

"A Million Dreams" premiered as part of the Los Angeles LGBT Center's "Rainbowthon" on May 14, 2020, hosted by Franke James Grande.

Starring Susan Egan, Laura Osnes, and Courtney Reed

Music Direction and Arrangement by Benjamin Rauhala

Music by Justin Paul

Lyrics by Benj Pasek

Filmed by Nathan Johnson, Adam J. Levy, and Liz Stern

Edited by Benjamin Rauhala

EGAN, OSNES, and REED are all part of the BROADWAY PRINCESS PARTY, a royal concert celebration of beloved Princess music currently touring the country! Visit http://www.broadwayprincessparty.com/ for tour dates, and follow us @bwayprincesspty

"A Million Dreams" was filmed and recorded remotely in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and California using proper social distancing techniques.
For information on how you can play your part in stopping the spread of COVID-19, visit coronavirus.gov. To support the Los Angeles LGBT Center, visit https://lalgbtcenter.org/


Jason Gould is a beloved singer with legions of fans who clamored to see his new music video when it dropped in May. Produced and arranged by Gould and Stephan Oberhoff, the video of "And So It Goes" has saxophone work by Scott Mayo. The beautiful work of art has nine thousand views on Youtube.


Dorian Woodruff is a singer with a long history of impeccable taste and elegance. The crooner joined the online creation community recently with a gorgeous and memorable rendition of Rick Jensen's "Coney Island" amid a flurry of appreciative responses, particularly from songwriter Jensen. Woodruff plans a second release in the upcoming days. See Dorian's lovely performance on his Facebook page HERE

Feature: Isolation Creation Continues With Works From Sally Mayes, Kate Jetmore, Sarah Routh And Others


Meagan Michelson has created a series of videos on her Facebook page @meaganmichelsonofficial and her Instagram account @meaganmichelson called Housebound Sounds that got such great feedback that she uploaded the videos to Youtube in playlist format for people to enjoy any time. With covers of songs made famous by The Beatles, Carole King, Barbra Striesand and Liza Minnelli, people really will enjoy them, as Meagan makes each number uniquely her own. See Meagan's HOUSEBOUND SOUNDS playlist by clicking HERE

Feature: Isolation Creation Continues With Works From Sally Mayes, Kate Jetmore, Sarah Routh And Others


The prolific Christine Lavin is constantly creating with the hopes of raising hope and raising awareness. A filmmaker as well as a singer-songwriter, Lavin creates the videos that many artists post online. This is her collaboration with Doug Mishkin.

Doug is the brother of Budd Mishkin, who for years was the mainstay of NY1, the all-NYC news station. Doug is also the author of "We Are All Woody's Children," which for decades has been the theme song for the radio show, "Woody's Children," hosted by Bob Sherman, now on WFUV in NYC. Doug has been writing songs and recording them for years, though has not pursued a full-time career in music. A lot of us wish he would.


Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki have been ardently creating content for viewers since the first week of quarantine and never fail in their efforts. The duo recently released three new songs via their Youtube page, with this note:

Here are three new songs from The Music Room of NYC Singer-songwriters Anya Turner & Robert Grusecki: "I'd Rather Be With You" "Soon This Will All Be Over" and "Dude Gotta Go". We hope you enjoy our continuing #SongsOfComfort video album.

"I'd Rather Be With You", the need for human contact: https://youtu.be/To4PbiQjojI

"Soon This Will All Be Over", hoping the madness will end: https://youtu.be/SVqK8niPWZk

"Dude Gotta Go", finding our way out of the chaos: https://youtu.be/IC4vIa7B-kY

Stay well and safe,

Anya & Robert


Singer-songwriter Kate Jetmore was once a constantly working member of the New York entertainment community. For their show "The Season" Jetmore and collaborator Brady Schwind were presented with a Bistro Award. After marrying, Jetmore relocated to Cuenca, Spain, where she is raising her son and producing THE LISTEN PODCAST, where she interviews fascinating people from all walks of life. Jetmore's daily postings on her social media kept her fans up to date on the Coronavirus situation in Spain at its darkest times, providing guidance for how to prepare, and hope when things began to turn. THE LISTEN PODCAST has continued to release content during recent weeks and can be found HERE

Feature: Isolation Creation Continues With Works From Sally Mayes, Kate Jetmore, Sarah Routh And Others

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