When in quarantine, these performers cut their suit to fit their cloth.

By: Nov. 21, 2020

Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST ZOOM SHOW PERFORMED IN REAL TIME In March, when the show business industry of Manhattan shut down, artists of the cabaret and concert industry discovered, relatively quickly, that there was an audience online. Through Facebook and Instagram live posts, artists could reach the public, have a chance to perform, and raise money through virtual tip jars. Then artists discovered Zoom and a world (literally) of performance possibilities opened up to them.

These three men brought their shows to the airwaves in real-time with the audience watching from the comfort of their homes.

Danny Bacher - Danny Bacher In The House... Literally!: The jazz singer & horn player joined forces with a new company called Metropolitan Zoom to create a virtual online cabaret show, complete with lighting, a backdrop, and cocktails (for those at home in the mood). Cabaret comes into the future, with a lot of glitz, sass, and mad skills. Read Broadway World's review HERE.

Peter Michael Marino - Desperately Seeking The Exit: Mr. Marino, a writer, director, producer, and performer has a well-liked show about his experience seeing his musical DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN produced in London. Without sets or props, Marino turned it into an online one-man monologue to be performed in a chat window, with all the audience members in full view... including a diaper change which the actor delicately called out, with flair, of course. HERE is Broadway World's coverage of the event.

Ari Axelrod - A Celebration of Jewish Broadway: A performer and teacher with growing visibility and popularity on the scene, Axelrod's tribute to his two favorite topics in life is so in demand he has performed it in clubs around the city and the country. With his at-home Zoom performance, Ari reached more fans around the world than ever before. Hopefully, he will reach more in the future. Read Broadway World's write-up HERE.

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