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BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST ORIGINAL SONG

They write the songs that make the club community sing.

BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST ORIGINAL SONGDo you remember the first time you met a songwriter? Or maybe you have a friend who is a songwriter and they played one of their original songs for you, and you thought Wow, my friend wrote that? It can give one pause, can't it, to know someone who wrote something that people sing - it always amazes this writer; maybe it's because I couldn't write a song if you begged, paid, or threatened me. It's a special talent, a gift to the writer and to the world who gets to enjoy their compositions.

Everyone knows the great songwriters - artists like Carole King, Prince, Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim, and Ann Hampton Callaway. What about all those songs you hear that weren't written by someone whose name you know? Did you ever hear a new song and wonder about the artist that made that happen?

Well, today's the day you get to meet some of them.


Grace Garland for "New York Attitude":

Ben Moss for "You Loved Me The Most":

Anthony Nunziata for "Will You Be My Every Day?":

Jaime Lozano for "Dreamer":

Roulston & Young for "Get Out of my Face":

Jeff Biering for "No Time for Time":

Jaime Lozano for "Mountain in the Sky":

Nicole Zuraitis for "The Coffee Song":

Nora Lyn Kennedy for "Simple Dreams":

Paul Rolnick for "Jerusalem":

Hear JERUSALEM on Paul Rolnick's website HERE.

Rachel Leighson for "Fly Away Thought":

Jaime Lozano for "Te Sone":

The Boy Band Project for "Get Behind My Love":

The Boy Band Project for "Jingle My Bells":

Thomas Hodges for "'I'll Wait":

Susie Mosher for "The Changing Table":

Kellan Blair & Joe Kinosian for "Joe's Guided Meditation":

Eugene Ebner for "Angel":

One of these compositions has grabbed a special place in your heart, hasn't it? So go vote! Pick your favorite HERE.

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