TURBO FAST Returns to Netflix, 6/27

TURBO FAST Returns to Netflix, 6/27

DreamWorks Animation's Turbo FAST (Fast Action Stunt Team) races back to Netflix on Friday, June 27 with 5 all-new adrenaline-fueled episodes just in time for Summer.

DreamWorks Animation's Turbo FAST is filled with outrageous comedy, action and laugh out loud fun and amps up everything to the extreme - extreme adventures, extreme challenges and extreme excitement! Right now, you can catch up on all the fun from the first 10 episodes, which are currently streaming on Netflix.

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Turbo FAST is an outrageous, high-octane ensemble comedy series teaming the world-famous super-powered snail Turbo with his posse of adrenaline-junkie buddies to form the Fast Action Stunt Team (FAST). Together, they amp up everything to the extreme: extreme adventure, extreme challenges and extreme excitement. Each member of the Stunt Team - Turbo, Whiplash, Burn, Smoove Move, White Shadow, Skidmark and Turbo's brother and team medic, Chet - has their own customized shell and catch phrase (Ya dig?). Home base may be the Los Angeles microcosm Starlight City, complete with a customized racetrack to practice their moves, but thanks to Smoove Move, this souped-up posse grooves to a global beat and travels far and wide to take on villains from all over the world. With their tricked-out shells in tow, the team attempts outrageous stunts, races on the coolest tracks and takes on the craziest challengers, including masked Mexican lizards, surfer cockroaches and giant Sumo snails. No matter how wild things get, the Fast Action Stunt Team always has each other's backs. The first-ever Netflix Original Series for kids, DreamWorks' Turbo FAST delivers a whole new level of excitement. Snail Up! Anytime, anywhere, only on Netflix. The world-famous super-powered snail Turbo and his posse of adrenaline-junkie buddies form the Fast Action Stunt Team (FAST) to go on daring new adventures, take on the most outrageous challengers and find the craziest ways to keep their city safe.