Singer/Songwriter Rosanne Cash to Visit CBS SUNDAY MORNING, 1/19

Singer/Songwriter Rosanne Cash to Visit CBS SUNDAY MORNING, 1/19

Singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash has lived in New York City for two decades, but revisiting her famous family's roots in the South started her on a longer journey, she says in an interview with Anthony Mason for CBS SUNDAY MORNING WITH Charles Osgood to be broadcast Jan. 19 (9:00 AM, ET) on the CBS Television Network.

"I didn't know how deeply I felt about the South until I started writing the songs, or how connected I felt," Cash tells Mason.

Cash, the daughter of the late country legend, Johnny Cash, had 10 #1 country hits of her own in the 1980s, though she spurned Nashville for New York City.

"I pushed it away for so long," Cash says while revisiting the South with Mason. "I didn't feel at home. I wanted a bigger world."

Cash tells Mason she reconnected with the region after a series of road trips with her husband, musician and producer, John Leventhal. Together they visited significant places in Arkansas where her dad grew up, as well as Tennessee and the Mississippi Delta. The songs inspired by her visits are collected in her new album, The River & The Thread.

Cash talks with Mason about her family, her childhood, and the trips back home. Cash and Mason also visit the grave of blues great Robert Johnson and the singer-songwriter leaves behind a guitar pick.

"I'm going to leave my super-geeky white triangle medium pick for RJ," she tells Mason. "I hope he doesn't mind."
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