New Trailer Released for THE ATONING

New Trailer Released for THE ATONING

Vera, Ray, and Sam, a seemingly normal family, are haunted by more than mere ghosts. The lingering horror of their past threatens their ability to function as a loving family until they become ENLIGHTENED by a mystical encounter. From that moment on, they're thrust into a horror worse than anything they've ever experienced. Personal demons manifest and tear THE FAMILY apart from the inside out as they come to terms with their past.


Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Runtime: 89 Minutes

Language: English

Specs: 4k, 16:9, Color, Stereo, 5.1 mix

In June of 2016, Michael Williams, the film's writer/director, began writing the original script based on an undeveloped concept that would later become "The Atoning". During the writing process, pre-production began swiftly in July to prepare for the start of principal photography August 18th, 2016 in West Point, MS.

Production took place in a 140 year old Victorian house in the director's hometown. Three days before production began, the production design team filled the entire home with furniture, decorations, and props generously donated or loaned to the film by the local community. With a cast and crew from Mississippi and the surrounding areas, the film successfully wrapped production on August 31st, 2016.

In order to meet upcoming festival deadlines for early 2017, "The Atoning" had a swift post production period from September to January of 2017. While the film was "complete" in January 2017, final changes were to the film were completed in April of 2017 to prepare the film for distribution.

About the Filmmaker

Michael Williams began creating short films in 2004 while in high school. Since then, he has been consistently creating short films and screening them at film festivals and film screenings across North America. As a 2009 graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Williams was awarded the Top Film Student of 2009 Award.

Williams' professional career in film began in 2007, and his credits range from assistant camera to director of photography on many independent short and feature length films. Currently, Michael owns Shendopen Productions in West point, MS, continues to write and direct his own independent films, produce films by other regional filmmakers, and works regionally in the film industry primarily as a director of photography.

After writing, directing, and producing over 20 short films, Williams broke into the feature length film territory with his debut, award-winning feature OzLand. The film went on to premiere and screen theatrically in Hollywood, CA, gain nationwide distribution, and is currently releasing in the international market.

Williams' desire to tell complex stories visually draws him to pursuing a career as a visual story teller. Williams writes and directs films like OzLand and his sophomore feature The Atoning so that he can share his stories with audiences worldwide.

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