Jonathan Ma Lands Film & TV Management, Development And Production Deal With Stars Collective

Joma is an ex-software engineer at Google who became a full-time YouTuber in November 2021 under the channel name Joma Tech.

By: May. 26, 2022

Jonathan Ma Lands Film & TV Management, Development And Production Deal With Stars Collective

Peter Luo's Stars Collective has signed popular YouTube influencer Jonathan Ma (aka Joma) to a wide-ranging management, development and production deal.

With Stars Collective, Joma is provided the resources (financial and creative) and artistic freedom to create content (tv series, films, hybrid content) that he believes will appeal not just to his millions of engaged followers, but to a broader global audience. One of the first projects to come off the ground is a fictional series about the birth of Bitcoin and the true identity of Satoshi.

Created by Joma, the Satoshi series begins in the present day with the sudden activation of Satoshi's wallets which were dormant for the past nine years. This causes panic in the crypto market, a mass sell-off, and the congestion of multiple chains. Satoshi is alive. What does he want? Why now?

The answers to those questions are REVEALED through two interweaving storylines set in two different time periods. The first introduces a young journalist in the present day, who needs a BIG BREAK in her career, trying to reveal the secret identity of Satoshi. The second follows a PhD student in 2007 who gets heavily involved with the invention of Bitcoin.

The dark comedy drama will be full of twists and turns and will explore central themes defining the crypto space.

Joma is an ex-software engineer at Google who became a full-time YouTuber in November 2021 under the channel name Joma Tech. With over 1M subscribers, Joma has built a following of programmers and crypto enthusiasts by creating humorous sketches online.

Two of his most recent videos (NFT Ether Rock video and the Wolf of Wallstreet Crypto video) went viral on Crypto Twitter allowing him to step into the crypto space as an entertainer. Striving to evolve into a filmmaker, he created an NFT project called Vaxxed Doggos raising $200k in 42 seconds to produce his high production quality videos.

Said Peter Luo, "Jonathan authentically connects to a generation of consumers who think differently and exhibit evolving entertainment consumption habits. His following and strong fan engagement is a direct result of his intelligence, likeability, creative acumen, and natural ability to tell stories. We're happy to support him with Stars Collective's array of resources as we lean into content development, production, distribution and overall storytelling in Web3 and blockchain. As we work to create a Meta Hollywood company, our cooperation with Joma is a significant starting point."

"I'm very grateful that Peter Luo sees potential in me as a storyteller," said Joma. "Having Star Collective's support will really give me the confidence to tell the stories I want to tell and allow me to grow as a filmmaker way faster than if I did it alone. I'm very excited about this and it feels like a dream come true for me."

Stars Collective helps promote the next generation of diverse voices and creative storytellers. The trailblazing Stars Collective supports filmmakers, paving the way for new aesthetics driven by top young creative talent and powerful new voices.

Through Stars Collective, filmmakers and artists are afforded the opportunity to develop content with the guidance of industry luminaries such as directors Sam Raimi, John M. Chu and Alan Taylor, actor Xiaoming Huang, and producers Donna Gigliotti, Gianni Nunnari, Chris Lee, Sanping Han, Paula Wagner, Patrick Wachsberger, Eric Heumann, Liming Ke, Rob Minkoff and Anthony Maccarten.

The filmmakers and their mentors work one-on-one with each other, and the collaborations continue through the release of the films.

Stars Collective is currently supporting over 200 filmmakers and actors around the world, the majority of which are female and represent a highly diverse mix of nationalities, ethnicities, races, and personal and professional backgrounds. Stars Collective integrates global resources by bringing together local alliances of film producers and film commissions, throughout Europe for instance, in order to spark the production of more films with distinctive styles and genres.

Stars Collective is in post-production on award winning filmmaker Justin Chon's latest feature, JAMOJAYA, starring globally renown music artist Rich Brian. Chon ("Blue Bayou," "Gook") wrote, directed, and produced the English-language music drama. Stars Collective also acquired the rights to the Thomas Mendolia directed horror short, "Mr. This for that," and is developing and producing a feature adaptation that Mendolia will direct.

Most recently, Stars Collective optioned the rights to Tong Hua's best-selling sci-fi fantasy novel series "The Memory Lost in Space" and will adapt the popular story into both an English language television series and feature film.

A partnership with Beijing Film Academy (BFA), through its educational institute BFA Century Group, establishes academic and educational projects in the global film industry, cultivates global talents, explores and promotes cutting-edge film production technology, and incubates global films with diversity and originality. The cooperation focuses on creative endeavors associated with the incubation, development, packaging, financing, production and distribution of wide ranging content for a global audience, as well as specialized training in new and emerging areas of the entertainment ecosystem. Stars Collective also has an official partnership with the Asian World Film Festival.


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