Jimmyland Co. Offers Paula Deen Multidimensional Deal


Just in time to save Paula Deen, Jimmy D Robinson, head of Jimmyland Corporation, a Florida based media company, has put an offer on the table to help rebuild the toppled empire. Jimmy D. Robinson, an entrepreneur, publisher and media producer, has been in touch with Paula Deen's office via phone and has sent an official letter offering her a multi-faceted deal to help restore the Southern belle to her superstar status after being knocked down by her admission to making racist remarks many years ago.

The Jimmyland Corporation offer to downtrodden Deen consists of a publishing deal where she would retain 50% of her book publishing; a TV production contract with Max Media Group, Inc. and "Eye on South Florida" to produce and air new Paula Deen cooking shows; and a recording contract from J Music Group, Inc. to produce a dance record featuring the culinary diva on a fun and entertaining club track with a music video and full remix package.

"Having been down-and-out myself at one time in my life, I understand the need for second chances. I've been able to build myself a wealthy, rich and abundant life with a prosperous media business because of strangers' helping hands," states Jimmy D Robinson, President, Jimmyland Corporation. "Deen, has been honest about her previous wrongs and has apologized profusely. Paula Deen deserves the opportunity to be forgiven and allotted a second chance. I want to be someone who stands up and says 'enough is enough' and offer sincere caring help."

It has been widely reported in the news that Deen has now been dropped by The Food Network, Walmart, Target, JC Penney, her book publisher Random House and other companies. This serious Jimmyland Corporation offer has the potential to be worth millions to Deen and the opportunity to truly redeem her in the eyes of the public.

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