The Semi-Finals were tonight on DANCING WITH THE STARS! Can you believe we're already here? I sure can't! The remaining couples battled it out for a spot in next week's two-night finale. The unofficial theme of the week was 'Plugged/Unplugged,' which had each couple dance two styles to two different versions of the same song: the original and acoustic versions. I'm really excited about this because acoustic performances are some of my favorites to listen to.

Without further ado, here are tonight's performances!

Sadie and Mark
Song: "Problem"

Plugged Dance Style: Quickstep
My 5-second review: I loved that so much!! Such a fun way to start the show!
Judges' score: 37/40

This quickstep was such an energetic fun one! It really got me pumped for the rest of the night! Also, the two of them looked absolutely adorable.

Unplugged Dance Style: Argentine Tango
My 5-second review: I was skeptical about the guitar at first but I thought it brought the performance to higher emotional level because even though it kept them apart, their connection never faltered.
Judges' score: 37/40

That guitar! Oh, man, I could go on and on, but I won't. Props to Mark for thinking of that creative use of the prop though. This dance was a wonderfully done one.

Tommy & Peta
Song: "Tainted Love"

Plugged Dance Style: Jazz
My 5-second review: That was sexy (oddly), entertaining and jazzy (pun intended)!
Judges' score: 28/40

I was not expecting to enjoy that performance as much as I did, but it was so entertaining, I couldn't help but enjoy myself!

Unplugged Dance Style: Rumba
My 5-second review: I'm sorry, but I could not take my eyes off of Peta the whole time. She was so graceful and beautiful in this dance.
Judges' score: 34/40

Such a beautifully choreographed piece. Really, Peta did a fantastic job with every part of this performance.

Bethany & Derek
Song: "I Want You Back"

Plugged Dance Style: Samba
My 5-second review: That was SO cute!
Judges' score: 36/40

Everything about this performance made me "awww" the entire time. The theme and scene of the production were so cutesy and fun and the way the dance ended was utterly adorable.

Unplugged Dance Style: Contemporary
My 5-second review: Beautiful prop work, beautiful choreography.
Judges' score: 40/40

The fact that the pair never let go of the photo frame the entire performance was impressive, but what really impressed me was the stunningly beautiful choreography. The fluidity of the piece and the emotion poured out of them both was just...breathtaking.

Janel & Val
Song: "Blame"

Plugged Dance Style: Paso Doble
My 5-second review: Absolutely BRILLIANT performance! Seriously if they didn't get a perfect score, I was going to start a riot.
Judges' score: 40/40. As it should be.

Val should let his brother visit the studio more often if it means he produces dances like this. My goodness, this Paso had it all. One of my favorites of the night without a doubt.

Unplugged Dance Style: Argentine Tango
My 5-second review: Another breathtaking performance.
Judges' score: 38/40

The chemistry between Val and Janel is so refreshing to see whenever they take the stage. I just love watching them dance together.

Alfonso & Witney
Song: "Love Runs Out"

Plugged Dance Style: Argentine Tango
My 5-second review: I absolutely love these two so much and for them to come out when Alfonso is in so much pain...I was incredibly happy to see them on the stage.
Judges' score: 36/40

Okay, I have no idea how Alfonso does it, but he managed to make dancing a tango with an injured back look so simple.I am so proud of the way he and Witney have rolled with the punches these past few weeks, and I hope it all pays off.

Unplugged Dance Style: Contemporary
My 5-second review: Such a gripping performance. Intense and intoxicating...I couldn't tear my eyes away.
Judges' score: 39/40 (boo you, Len.)

This dance left me speechless. Witney's choreography had me tearing up. his was such a beautiful dance. And once again, boo you, Len.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Tommy Chong and his partner Peta would not be in next week's finale event. Although I cannot say I'm surprised, I can say that Tommy has been such a fun part of the show and I'll miss his charming personality on the show. With that said, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE FINALS NEXT WEEK, GUYS!!! I just hope Alfonso heals up enough to perform without being in too much pain! It's a two night event you won't want to miss. The DANCING WITH THE STARS Finals start Monday, November 24th at 8/7c and continue with a Countdown to the Final Results special the next night at 8, with the final results show at 9/8c.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor | ABC

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