BWW Recap: TEEN WOLF While You Were Sleeping...

BWW Recap: TEEN WOLF While You Were Sleeping...

BWW Recap: TEEN WOLF While You Were Sleeping...

It's been a heck of a weekend for entertainment; VMA's, Emmy's, but let's be honest...isn't Beacon Hills all that really matters? Last week's jawdropper ending finally revealed Meredith to be the Benefactor and man, does she have some 'splainin to do! Let's jump in, shall we?

Two things are clear right from the start of "Monstrous," the assassins are still out in full force and when it rains, it rains HARD in Beacon Hills. (Literally and figuratively). Kira is back and defending the supernaturals and making out with her favorite Alpha as they prepare to go to war. Scott and Derek decide to take Satomi's refugees and form an army to send a message to the assassins and the Benefactor. Here's the problem, they're not fighters. Derek has been training for weeks to learn how to fight without his supernatural powers and here are all these kids around him with supernatural powers that don't know how to fight. Derek rallies the troops, Jeff Winger style and they are ready. Liam included who is just plain scared. Scott gave him a pass on this battle, I'm sure there will be another soon. It is nice to see Liam showing his age and admitting fear as well as Scott showing his mentoring Alpha-ness in understanding his fright.

Stiles suffered a concussion from his confrontation with Brunski. Mama McCall in all her wonderful motherliness, locks him in his hospital room with Malia until they make up/out after exchanging near death stories. They decide together to listen to Grandma Lorraine's cassette tape and through the magic of deductive reasoning (?), they figure out there's a secret computer behind the wall at the Lake House. Only in Beacon Hills, right? But it's not a secret computer, it's the dead pool or in this case a big supercomputer 1970's style and Stiles needs a key to shut it off. It's what's sending out the Benefactor's automated transmissions. In this week's Samsung placement, featuring AT&T, Stiles is able to show Lydia what they found and she deciphers there must be a clue in the wine bottle. (OK...I will suspend my disbelief that juniors in high school can decipher a sound on a non-high def, cassette tape to be a supercomputer hidden in a wall but now I'm to believe that Lydia can figure out that the key is in a wine bottle because the rug isn't stained? You're asking an awfully lot of us, Teen Wolf.)

Yay, it's the key and it magically powers down the assassins who are in full attack at Chris' lair against Derek, Scott, Satomi and her supernatural refugees. Apparently it is in the knick of time as Scott is very close to tearing apart one of the would-be assassins. He shows the bad guy his HTC phone and his "hit" has been cancelled. (Wouldn't it be awesome if Samsung and HTC actually played into the storyline at some point? Samsung indicates the good guys, HTC the bad guys. Wait...does Meredith have a phone? That would answer some of my questions.)

And lastly, Meredith is the Benefactor. Right? RIGHT? Nope. Why would it be that easy? See, while Meredith was in the mental institution, she happened to be near (or roommates with?) Peter. And Peter's stream of consciousness was going a mile a minute. Well, guess who can hear thoughts? So somehow, Peter's mental plan for revenge was transmitted into Meredith's head, who translated it literally and started carrying it out? I think? But then there's a computer...yeah, it got REALLY confusing at the end. So Meredith isn't the Benefactor, Peter kind of is, but isn't? Oh and he really wants to kill Scott.

Here's What I know:

  • Hearing internet chatter that Deputy Parish could be something to the effect of Fawkes. #harrypotterpull

  • Chris is hiding a secret and REALLY pretty flower. Is it something powerful or is he a closet botanist? (Talk about a plot twist!)

  • Peter Hale screaming in Meredith's face was enough to induce nightmares for quite some time.

  • Scott is getting closer and closer to big bad wolf. Still leaning toward the "Papa McCall dying and making Scott lose it" theory.

  • Peter wants Scott dead and he doesn't even know he has his money yet. That's NOT going to help Scott's case.

Here's What I don't know:

  • I'm still confused as to Grandma Lorraine's role in all this? Is she alive? Whose side is she on? And holy she from Silicon Valley?

  • Also confused on Meredith's she crazy or a mastermind?

  • Does anyone know how to do that look inside each other's minds trick that Peter and Meredith did? It would make first dates a lot quicker.

Lines I love:

  • Peter - Anyone can become a killer for the right price because when it comes down to it because anyone can be corrupted BY MONEY!


  • Lydia - Not all monsters do monstrous things.

And for the THIRD week in a row, we find out the Benefactor...I think. Can you please tell me your theories? Or explain to me just what the heck happened in that police station? I'm starting to feel like Sheriff Stiles. Only two more episodes. Who will the Benefactor be next week?

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