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VIDEO: XIX Share Anticipated Video For Viral Track 'Kismet'

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Watch the video below!

XIX are the next wave of musicians in the genre bending hyper-pop scene to make their own lane with their viral earworm "Kismet." The song has been exploding on TikTok and has already amassed 7.8 million streams. Today, the duo comprised of Yung Skayda and Karm the Tool share the eagerly-awaited video on Masked Records / Warner Records with cameo appearances from alt-TikTok superstars Xowiejones and Benkro_TV. The video is a major statement for XIX, who are blazing a trail behind them in the Ramez Silyan-directed (Lil Peep) video as they wreak havoc on high school property in the night hours. The manic energy is unavoidably reminiscent of iconic teenage rebellion movies and soundtracks this aesthetic to a tee.

Watch the video below!

The track's hook "Molly rocks in my green tea," is becoming its own brand with more than 3 million TikTok videos created and over a dozen sounds supported by the likes of social media maven Charli D'Amelio, super producer Marshmello and renowned comedian Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat while promoting the new Borat 2 movie. The aforementioned lyric was intentionally isolated as the repeating phrase on the song by XIX with the premonition that it could spark a movement. As fate would have it, they were right. Now with millions of streams under their belt and an incredible video for "Kismet," the future is bright for Yung Skayda and Karm, who are deeply inspired by punk rock, rap and metal and cite XXXTentacion as their biggest influence. Stay tuned for more from XIX coming soon.

The punk spirit is alive and well in XIX. The Connecticut duo, comprised of Yung Skayda and Karm the Tool, began their musical journey in high school playing metal and punk in cramped clubs, and that energy has remained as they've tackled one genre after another. XIX songs are like Russian nesting dolls, containing an entire album's worth of sounds in one roller coaster drop of a track. It has taken some fans a minute to catch up with the warp speed development of XIX, but no matter how different each song sounds, the unpredictability remains constant. After honing their style with 2018's Pajamas and 2019's Valyntynes Day-both improbably recorded on iPhones-XIX broke through with "Kismet," a frenetic, bruising track that would be frightening if it wasn't so catchy. As with all of their music, there's a rebellious, rule breaking streak to "Kismet" that sets XIX apart from their peers. The pair is currently working on new music that, as usual, sounds nothing like what came before it. Whether they're making a U.K. post-punk song about Japanese motorcycles or chiptune trap, there's no telling what you'll hear from XIX, but in the coming years, expect them to check every box imaginable.

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