STAGE TUBE: First Look at 'San Simeon' by Derek Nicoletto to Launch Art Movement

The week after Derek Nicoletto's long EP, Just Panic and Get It Over With was released, accompanied by a music video preimere in OUT, Derek Nicoletto is looking forward to a kickstarting summer with 3 performances at the Montauk Music Festival May 17, 18, and 19th. He will continue with the warmer months with art exhibitions as he continues to write and perform. The first exhibition is coming up, July 12-14 at 287 Spring Gallery, including 3 dozen artists inspired by the music of Just Panic and Get It Over With. Check out the video below!

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All of the artists are local to New York, save for Crash Hottman from Atlanta and Richard Schemmerer from Portland. Other cities slated for Just Panic And Get It Over With-inspired exhibitions include Manchester, UK, Provincetown, MA, Honolulu and others to be confirmed soon.

Derek Nicoletto is back with a profound and empowering 6-song collection, Just Panic And Get It Over With, poised for wide digital release on April 16, 2013 on 7 Trick Pony Records. As a more eclectic follow-up to his debut,Kind Ghosts, Just Panic and Get It Over With showcases Nicoletto's full-bodied, flexible rock voice, twisting sometimes in multiple melodies over a thoughtful electro-pop score. Just Panic... marks Nicoletto's most impressive performances to date, and the songs on Just Panic... are inspiring some of the world's finest visual artists to create pieces to be displayed in celebration of the release.

Just Panic And Get It Over With invites the listener to dance or to dream. It kicks off with an unconventional, bass-driven anthem, "Kings Are We," followed by the swirling, retro flirtation of "F5." In the record's darker middle section, Nicolettobelts out the rocker, "Hell in Gramercy" and soars through "Mother Numb It," a song drawn from a scene from Nicoletto's troubled childhood. In "Blink of an Eye," Nicoletto narrates both sides of love and heartbreak. Nicoletto caps off the listen with the Bowie-esque "San Simeon," the most hopeful and arguably one of the most striking songs on the album with its dense poetry, lilting vocals and intricate grooves. Start to finish this album is as exciting as it is heartfelt. Nicoletto will be celebrating the release at Arlene's Grocery on April 19 - the first performance in a soon-to-be announced national tour.

To accompany the tour for Just Panic and Get It Over With, Nicoletto is curating a number of art exhibitions around the world starting in NYC, the city he calls home. Over twenty and counting handpicked visual artists are currently in the process of creating pieces inspired by a song of their choice from Just Panic And Get It Over With. After the SoHo, NYC gallery opening in mid-July, a number of other international cities will be announced as the next step for the Just Panicexhibition tour. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements in the next months.

STAGE TUBE: First Look at 'San Simeon' by Derek Nicoletto to Launch Art Movement