Milanalamala Debuts Her First Official Single 'Oohahh'

The single was released alongside a music video.

By: Feb. 21, 2024
Milanalamala Debuts Her First Official Single 'Oohahh'
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We are currently in a Renaissance for female MCs as we watch the art form of rap transform and diversify, showcasing there truly is space for fresh voices at the table and in the booth. Newcomer Milanalamala is far from a stranger to the industry, yet tackles the world of music with a new lens. Her first official single, “OohAhh” is a testament not only to her resilience but that she's coming in fully blazing! 

This electric anthem plays perfectly within the intersection of every facet that is Milanalamala. The video amplifies the flashy and  sunny deposition of Los Angeles, yet infuses the Saddle Ranch to reiterate her Texas roots. Visually she takes us into her luxurious world and introduces us to the baddies she runs sh*t with!

However, the track is infectious while her vocals ride the beat steadily to drive every listener into submission. She even takes a moment to tease that “chopped n screwed” twang on the second verse to drill in that Houston flavor.  An instant club banger, “OohAhh” is a fun, musical gem planting Milanalamala as an artist to definitely watch!


MilanaLamala, a proud Tejana and Mexican trans woman, introduces her debut single, "OohAhh," with a profound narrative that transcends conventional boundaries. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, MilanaLamala's journey reflects resilience, creativity, and a commitment to self-empowerment.

Transitioning from a successful career in the corporate fashion world, where she notably served as a MW/WW Buyer for Patricia Field and Regional/Social Media Manager for Oak NYC, MilanaLamala faced the harsh realities of discrimination and limited opportunities as a trans woman. Despite her impressive credentials, finding suitable employment became a challenge, leading her down a path of survival through sex work.

"OohAhh" emerges as more than just a song; it symbolizes MilanaLamala's refusal to be defined by her past struggles. Rooted in her experiences as a trans sex worker, the track embodies a powerful narrative of reclaiming agency and empowerment. It speaks of resilience, defiance, and the transformative power of self-acceptance.

Through her music, MilanaLamala seeks to inspire others to transcend their circumstances and embrace the power of perspective. Her message is one of hope, urging listeners to shift their focus from adversity to opportunity, from despair to determination. In her words, "The moment you stop focusing on what's going wrong and focus on what's going right, everything will change in your life because your perspective has changed."

Beyond "OohAhh," MilanaLamala has been diligently honing her craft in the studio, preparing to unveil a series of projects that promise to showcase her multifaceted talent and creativity. Known primarily for her behind-the-scenes work in the industry alongside influencers and celebrities, she is eager to share a different side of herself—a side nurtured by her lifelong passion for music and performance.

From her early days singing in church choirs to captivating audiences with her rap performances, music has always been MilanaLamala's true calling. Her journey is a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and self-belief. As she encourages, "Don't stop believing in God, don't stop believing in your dreams even when no one else does. All you need is to believe in yourself and allow your actions to reflect that because God believes in you."

MilanaLamala's debut single "OohAhh" is not just a musical endeavor—it's a proclamation of identity, resilience, and empowerment, marking the beginning of an inspiring new chapter in her artistic journey.


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