KENNEDY ROTHCHILD Releases 'Work it Out' From PUNKHOP!

KENNEDY ROTHCHILD Releases 'Work it Out' From PUNKHOP!

Coming off of directing TI's new hit video "About the Money" creative genius Kennedy Rothchild introduces Punkhop! with "Work it Out"

Watch the video here!

T.I.'s new clip and MTV Jams "Jam of the Week," About The Money," has gotten a ton of attention generating close to a million views on Tip's VEVO page in less than two weeks. But director KENNEDY ROTHCHILD, the creative mind behind the visual, has much more to offer the world of entertainment. While he, over the years, has been building a reputation as a go-to producer and director,working with the likes of Mariah Carey, TLC, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Pink, Lloyd, Rick Ross, Mystikal and tons of other mainstream artists, he has been crafting his own sound as an artist as well.

He calls it PUNKHOP! And it is the signature sound of the band KENNEDY ROTHCHILD, clearly named after its founder and lead vocalist. Rothchild defines their sound as a Punk Rock's "against the grain" mentality infused with Hip-Hop energy; and it is unlike anything in today's musical landscape. Kennedy Rothchild offers a level of creativity many of today's artists are afraid to tap into, all in the name of bringing ART back to the culture.

Check out KENNEDY ROTHCHILD's latest single "Work It Out," written, produced, performed and directed by the multi-faceted, multi-talented creative behind Punk Hop Films, Sonic Jungle Records and the soon to be global PUNKHOP! Movement.


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