Guitar Center Sessions Celebrates the Holidays 2 New Episodes Feat. Meiko and Papa Roach

Guitar Center Sessions Celebrates the Holidays 2 New Episodes Feat. Meiko and Papa Roach

Tonight, Friday, Dec 21st, Guitar Center Sessions will feature singer-songwriter Meiko. Originally from the small town of Roberta, GA, Meiko picked up her dad's Gibson acoustic when she was 12 and was instantly hooked. At 13 he bought her a guitar of her own and a flood of songs followed. A few years later she turned 18 and packed her bags for Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

With two albums under her belt and a slew of songs featured in major network TV shows, films and commercials, Meiko lights up Guitar Center Sessions performing hits including "Stuck on You", "Boys with Girlfriends" and "Leave the Lights On". She also sits down with host Nic Harcourt to share her musical influences, passion for women in music and faces her challenges with her mom who left her as a child, telling Harcourt "she was my first heartbreak in life".

The final Guitar Center Sessions episode before the new year features Papa Roach and airs on Friday, December 28th. Known for their electrifying and explosive live shows, Papa Roach have become The Common denominator for some of the most successful rock tours in recent years. The band's most recent album, The Connection, which Revolver proclaims is "a fist-pumping return to form," debuted top 20 on the Billboard Top 200 and the album's lead single "Still Swingin" peaked at #3 on the Active rock chart. This recent success adds to more than 10 years of success including highlights such as 10 million in album sales worldwide, two Grammy nominations, and an MTV VMA nomination.

Along with rousing renditions of hits like "Last Resort" and new tracks like "Still Swinging", the band speaks candidly with host Nic Harcourt about everything from their songs and connection with their fans to lead singer Jacoby's recent medical battles and getting his voice back. In a particularly revealing moment, lead singer Jacoby opens up about his longstanding struggle with addiction.

Guitar Center Sessions is an award-winning live performance and interview music television series hosted by Nic Harcourt. Created, developed and produced by Guitar Center and airs exclusively on DirecTV. The series aims to provide artists, emerging and established, with a highly credible platform to expose their music and riveting back stories to a large audience. By developing high quality original music programming that focuses on conversations and themes pertinent to the artist's craft and creative process, Guitar Center continues to further its commitment to helping artists be heard in an ever changing, uncertain music business.

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