DJ G-String Releases Her First EP, IN THE MIRROR

In the Mirror has several of DJ G-String's top tracks such as Your Love, Runaway, Always, All these Nights, and Only If.

By: Apr. 21, 2022

DJ G-String Releases Her First EP, IN THE MIRROR

DJ G-String's first EP called In the Mirror is a catalog of her top releases since 2020 but in trance form. She has always loved trance music and wanted to give her songs a flavor of that style. She is usually a vocal house producer but felt that the lyrics and emotions of her tracks could fit well within the trance world. Her top track Always was one of her first tracks that introduced a different sound for her. The original was pumped with synths and an 80s movie vibe infused with energy of how passionate the track was lyrically and emotionally. Always is a song about having a soulmate; it is a story about two people that will always love each other and who will always be there. In the Mirror has several of DJ G-String's top tracks such as Your Love, Runaway, Always, All these Nights, and Only If. DJ G-String created the remixes for 3 of the 5 releases on this EP. She worked closely with P5YCh0h and Chriszio on 2 of the other remixes.

"The EP's title "In the Mirror" is a kind of symbolic. She gave it that title because it reflects who I am and how I am trying to build this ecosystem of dance music. In the Mirror is looking back on the positive things in my music successes and just saying to yourself look in the mirror this is you. You did this even if it isn't as large as other artists, there is no comparing yourself to others. You know we are all so different and unique that you should always appreciate that. You just have to stop, look in the mirror, and remember who you are, what you love, and remember you are original. Never let anyone change that about you, always be you, always fight for you." - DJ G-String

The Trance Journey

These trance remixes are a mix of some techno and house styles, but she really likes that her vocals flow because of the melodies, harmonies and the stylistic sounds of air or heaven like feeling.

Always remix puts you in a state of calmness with an 80s/90s techno trance vibe.

Your love remix is really a fast-paced trance emo techno style.

All these nights was difficult for her because there is a techno version of this, she already that did exceptionally well. So, for this remix she had to separate that style from this. She will always love the Techno remix, but this trance remix is her #2.

Runaway is very interesting because it gave this the Chriszo's Trance style too. It is more house-based, but she loves how it still vibes well with the overall EP style.

Only If the original version is one DJ G-String's of the favorites because takes her house-style vocals to another level the remix is a perfect balance of high energy, running beats, and just enough synths to get into the energy. She worked with P5HCh0H on this remix and took some time because he is usually big room style, so this was his first trance remix.

DJ G-String is a rising music artist in Chicago, IL and has been on Beatport Top 100 with three different singles in 2021 & 2022, was selected as one of the Top Ten Dance Artists by Reverbnation. She is a singer, song writer, composer, producer, remixer, DJ, and plays several instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Violin, and Keyboard. With over 1million streams on Spotify, DJ G-String is breaking barriers as an Indie Artist with her style of music and vocal house productions.

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